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There’s nothing excites me more than a proper fine dining restaurant in Bandung. Because in my humble opinion, Bandung has the ‘vibe’ to be a setting for one. And I considered Welfed which served western gourmet cuisine, to be a gorgeous semi-fine dining restaurant.

Gedong Putih (which directly translates to White Building) is a new semi-fine dining concept in Bandung that encompasses restaurants in one place, currently it boasted Welfed exclusively.

Welfed Gedong Putih

Welfed Gedong Putih Bandung

Welfed is opulently decorated with American mid century style, enhanced with vintage furniture. Just by walking through the lavishly elegant corridor itself was already enough to steal one’s heart and I was totally sold when I stepped into the spacious, high-ceilinged, elegant main dining room with ample glass windows and open floor plans. And I adored the alluring outdoor seatings in the balcony.

The dim-lighted dining room and balcony created a romantic atmosphere that made me wish to come back with my loved one…we probably will take the seats in the balcony, sit close to each other, gazing to the beautiful garden and talking about small stuff, holding hands to warm each other’s heart, aaaawww…… (Look who’s talking now, the romantic me lovestruck)

Welfed Gedong Putih corridor Bandung

Welfed Bandung

Welfed Main Dining Room

Welfed Dining Room American Mid Century

Welfed Bandung Kitchen

Welfed Bandung Balcony

Welfed Balcony

I grabbed the soft warming shawl they provided in each seat, blanketed it over my open shivering shoulder, when a cool night breeze coming in through the open window doors.

This time, I came with my family, my mom and my sisters which were also my favourite persons and my loved ones. Each of us was a foodie who expected great food from Welfed, considering a beautiful ambience that welcomed us in the first place.

For the starter we had a delectable Chicken Breast (IDR 65K) with tonnato covered with chive creme, green grapes and truffle, and a splendid Ox Tail (IDR 70K) with cappuccino, baked cauliflower and parmesan. Both were exquisitely presented well. But my favourite among these two was the Ox Tail.

Welfed Chicken Breast Starter

Welfed Starter Oxtail

We had Line Caught Fish (IDR150K), which was pan seared with spices, crab brown butter, and braised cabbage. It was nicely executed. That was a high compliment considering it came from me since I’m not a fan of any kind of fish.

Welfed Line Caught Fish

I tried the Rack of Lamb (IDR 275K), roasted with pesto, cauliflower puree, date glazed root vegetables. Lamb doesn’t suit my palate so I could smell the hint of lamb which I disliked, but it’s juicy and it could be a satisfying meal for a lamb lover.

Welfed Rack of Lamb

Black Angus (IDR 250K). The tenderloin was lean, elegant and dazzling. Fine texture and mild, yet succulent flavor. It paired perfectly with an appetizing mushroom pate, mangosteen jus and potato puree. This was my favourite menu which had a wonderful balance of flavour.

Welfed Black Angus

Wagyu Beef (IDR 650K) with clarified coffee, pickled peaches, nasturtium salad and tamarind jus. Smooth velvety texture, juicy flavor, delicate but rich taste lingering on the palate.

Welfed Wagyu Beef

There is always a space for dessert to end the satisfying meal on sweet note. First I had the Violet (IDR 60K),  blend of a violet sorbet, toffee and butterscotch bringing an edgy quality.

Welfed Dessert Violet

The Panna Cotta (IDR 50K). This soft Jasmine pudding with farmer’s market fruit screams summer, but here at Welfed, it’s obviously delicious for year-round consuming.

Welfed Pannacotta

Since I have a soft spot for chocolate, the Chocolate and Peanut Tart (IDR 50K) hit all my chocoholic button. Eating the chocolate mousse itself was already very satisfactory, but when I went on to mix in the toasted peanut and the chocolate ganache on top together with the malt ice cream, the end result was simply delightful.

Welfed Chocolate and Peanut Tart

With a devotion to source the very best Welfed have created an artisanal menu, which have unique flavors and textures using seasonal ingredients from their own farm, created a unique dining experience.

I can’t wait to come back to Bandung and luxuriate at this alluring venue and savouring the flavours of Welfed.



Welfed, Gedong Putih

Location :

Jalan Sersan Bajuri km 5.2
Villa Triniti
West Bandung, 40559
West Java, Indonesia
+62 22 278 5185


Opening Hours :

3 pm – 6 pm : Drinks and Desserts
6 pm – 12 pm : Restaurant
Monday Close





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