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Waroeng Ethnic is one of my old-time favourite and I bet it’s also my Bandunger foodie friends’. For some Bandung visitors, whom I’ve brought here on several occasions, it’s like a hole-in-the-wall hidden gem of Bandung.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been here and on more than one occasion, I sometimes had my two meals here, breakfast and lunch or tea time and dinner, without even leaving the venue. Not only the food was always pleasing for me, the unpretentious and homey ambience could keep me staying for hours! For me, it feels like visiting a friends’ cosy house, and they happened to have a great cooktongue. And ever since I moved overseas, this restaurant became one of a “must-to-revisit-list” every time I came back to Bandung for holidays. And their location which is very close to my house in Bandung, make it even much better!

Waroeng Ethnic Bandung 2

Waroeng Ethnic Bandung

Waroeng Ethnic is nestled in a quiet road on the north part of Bandung. This humble restaurant, or I should say “eating house” is in a shape of a house (previously resided by the owner) which possesses a gazebo and a small swimming pool in the backyard. It boasts indoor and outdoor seating which are equally relaxing. For indoor seating, it has several spacious rooms in the main building. For outdoor seating, it has a large shady gazebo in front of the main building where the bakery is located and tables in the garden near the pool and in the back terrace overlooking the garden.

Waroeng Ethnic Bandung Bakery

Waroeng Ethnic Bakery Bandung

Waroeng Ethnic Bread

Waroeng Ethnic Bandung Gazebo Seating

Waroeng Ethnic Bandung Gazebo seating 2

Waroeng Ethnic indoor

Waroeng Ethnic indoor 3

Waroeng Ethnic indoor 2

Waroeng Ethnic Pool

For breakfast, you can choose between Steamed Bread or Toasted Bread and between White Bread or Wheat Bread. I usually had their Toasted White Bread with Omelette added with Smoked Beef, Cheese and Sausage (IDR40K) when I craved for a savoury breakie. You can choose any extra ingredients you want, such as mushroom, tuna, etc, and you will get a warm thick fluffy bread, toasted or steamed perfectly, balanced wonderfully with all the ingredients you requested. And the sweet option for my breakfast was always a Toasted White Bread with Brown Sugar added with Peanut and Milk (IDR 16K). It’s a delight to start your day with this scrumptious breakfast, trust me.lovestruck

Waroeng Ethnic Bandung Toasted Bread

Waroeng Ethnic Toasted Bread Sweet

For lunch, I prefer their local Indonesian delicacies. My never-failed-to-satisfy-menu was Nasi Tutug Kriuk (IDR 16K), Ayam Penyet (IDR 22K) and Tahu Penyet (IDR 15K ). They have considerable option for local speciality such as Sop Buntut (IDR 35K), Rawon (IDR 30K), Nasi Kuning (IDR 16K), Nasi Timbel Ayam (IDR 34K), Lontong Cap Gomeh (IDR 37K), and a variety of Nasi Goreng (IDR 25K – IDR 45K).

Waroeng Ethnic Bandung Nasi Tutug Kriuk

Waroeng Ethnic Bandung Nasi Tutug Kriuk Tahu Penyet

Waroeng Ethnic Ayam Penyet

When I was in a “seeking to add more veggie into the house” mode, I always ordered their Karedok (IDR 16K) or Pecel (IDR 16K). You can opt for Gado-Gado (IDR 25K) or Kangkung Terasi (IDR 20K) which I believe are fairly good.

When I was in a “craving for sinful-yet-heavenly food” mode, Pisang Goreng Ethnic (IDR 17K) was always there to fulfil my needs lovestruck. They also offer other kind of Light Meals from local Bandung delicacies Sambal Oncom and Kerupuk Aci (IDR 9K), Rujak Uleg (IDR 16K) and Rujak Asinan Kacang (IDR 16K) to Dutch treats such as Bitter Ballen (IDR 29K) and German Bratwurst (IDR 35K).

Waroeng Ethnic Bandung Fried Banana

Waroeng Ethnic Bandung breakfast

I find Waroeng Ethnic’s Rosti (a Swiss dish made with coarsely grated potato pan-fried or baked and shaped into rounds) was quite decent, crisp on the outside, soft and meltingly potato-ey within. They featured several kinds of Rosti, such as Rosti Pan Beef, Rosti Con Salmon, and Rosti di Mare, with a price range from IDR 69K to IDR 85K.

They also offer Beef Steak Burger (IDR 59K), various Beef Steaks (IDR 95K or IDR 150K), Braised Oxtail (IDR 86K), extensive option of Pasta (from IDR 40K to 85K) and assorted desserts such as Ethnic Creme Brûlée (IDR 35K), Chocolate Mousse (IDR 25K), and many more.

You can try their European menu for lunch and dinner, such as Lasagna Con Verdi (IDR 50K), Fish and Chips (IDR 50K ) and you won’t be disappointed when you have their Chicken Solferino (IDR 69K).

Waroeng Ethnic Bandung Lasagna

Waroeng Ethnic Bandung Fish and Chips

Waroeng Ethnic Bandung Chicken Solferino

All I could say that with their extensive menu, Waroeng Ethnic absolutely has everything for everyone.

And when the price is reasonable, the atmosphere is enjoyable and the food is moderately good, what else you’re looking for, right? So whenever you are in Bandung, do yourself a favour and dine there. And to guarantee you a seat on weekends, you’d better reserve first.


Waroeng Ethnic


Location :

Jl. Ranca Bentang no. 18
+62 22 7083 2275
+62 22 203 1608

Operating hours: 07.00-23.00




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