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After a movie night, I stopped by W Diner, a new cute eatery in Lippo Mall Kemang Village. Although it’s quite small, the diner is cozy and fresh looking, especially with the one sided mirror wall and the blue booth seats on both sides. The food here is all typical diner dishes like burgers, steaks and all day breakfast menus,along with favorite drinks such as ice creams and milk shakes.

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Chicken Burgers (IDR 57.919): Homemade chicken patty, sauteed mushroom, lettuce,tomato and French fries. It didn’t look much but the taste was surprisingly good. The chicken was juicy, tasty and the bread was fluffy too.


Beef Burger (IDR 68.919): Beef patty, onion rings, cheese, lettuce, tomato and French fries. The beef was tender and seasoned well. Pretty decent burger although I’ve had better.


Grilled Cheese (IDR 54.919): Sandwich with 2 kinds of cheeses and smoked Paprika sauce on the side. Simple American style melted cheese sandwich, with wheat breads. The cheese was stretchy and melted nicely. The spicy sauce added a nice gesture to the simple comfort food.


Grilled Chicken Breast (IDR 65.919): Chicken steak marinated with Cajun spice, served with Rosemary sauce, mix salad and mashed potato. I enjoyed the strong fragrant from the spices, the chicken was cooked well considering how dry a white meat could have been.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect much from this tiny new comer, but W Diner proved to be a delicious and sought worthy family friendly place for simple comfort food.

W Diner

Kemang Village Mall 3rd Flr.
Jl.Pangeran Antasari
Kemang, South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 2970 4981 Ext.396

Opening Hours:
Mon- Sun 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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