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Even though I’ve been to Lello Lello several times, a gelato joint next to this place, I had not noticed Urchin until brought me here. Perched right in front of the Colony Hotel, Urchin, with its grill and raw bar concept, adopted a quite straight forward but elegant interior with some urchins shape hung on top of some walls’s surface. I also saw an urchin framed artwork further down the restaurant. There was an open kitchen where you can see the chef prepare and cook the seafood dish on the spot. It was quite interesting. I didn’t know what to expect, so I waited for the menu.

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Here are some of the cocktail beverages that we ordered from the bar.

Name Coming Soon (IDR 110K) – bombay sapphire, mandarin juice, grapefruit bitters, preserved kaffir lime, kaffir lime leaf ice ball.  The combination of flavour was okay. Not a big fan of its sour dominant flavour though. And yes, that’s the actual name of the drink bigsmile

El Cucuy (IDR 120K) – tequila, strawberry, basil, lime, balsamic vinegar, black pepper tim. I am not a big tequila drinker, so even though the drink was quite light, which I like, I have to say that it was my least favourite drinks of the day.

urchin bali 9

Ping Pong (IDR 110K)- citrus, vodka, lychee liqueur, passion fruit – I ordered this because of lychee and passion fruit in the ingredients list. Two kinds of fruit that I found appetizing in most drinks. The taste was alright, but not extraordinary.

Femme Parisienne (IDR 110K) – mandarine napoleon, mango, cranberry fruit, cranberry juice – I apologize for providing you with an almost empty glass of this particular cocktail in the background.  It was so good that I continued drinking after the first sip and forgot taking a shot of this magnificent cocktail. The blend of fruity flavour and the balanced taste of sweetness and sourness were my favourite traits in a cocktail. I highly recommend this drink. My favourite so far in Bali.

urchin bali 10

urchin bali 11

Chili Salt Bottle Squid (IDR 80K) – this dish caught my attention. I’ve eaten too many bad squid in my life I guess, so I didn’t expect the texture to be that tender, easy to chew, delightfully fresh, and with the right amount of seasoning, I found it to be awesome. It’s a simple dish yet captivating. You should try it.
urchin bali 12

Crudo Sea Bass (IDR 130K) – chili, lemon oil, pomelo, wood sorrel – Another lovely dish that provides a smooth transition from the bottle squid. Its light refreshing taste from the chili and lemon oil brought up the raw sea bass flavour. A nice creation from the raw bar.
urchin bali 13

Roasted Scallops (IDR 165K) – A properly cooked scallops served with shimeji mushroom drizzled with jus gras. Liked it.
urchin bali 14

Steamed Coral Trout (IDR 195K) – japanese eggplant, miso butter, mustard leaf – I usually like eggplants, especially japanese one combined with miso butter. This one was no exception. In fact, I exceptionally love the way it was prepared with combination of japanese-inspired ingredients. The mixture gave a unique and palatable taste to the dish.
urchin bali 15

White peach chiboust (IDR 80K) – baby meringue, cracked white pepper.  I was mesmerized with the look of the meringues on top of the serving. Behind the peachy flavour in the slushies, I could taste a hint of the white pepper. It’s a nice touch that intrigued me, but I am not sure if it’s for everybody.

urchin bali 17

Caramelized pain perdu (IDR 80K) – baked apple served with thyme ice cream.  I am pretty sure the general consensus of dessert lover would give thumbs up for this dessert. The sweet crispy caramel outer layer of this pain perdu balanced the sourness of the apple.

urchin bali 16

I found Urchin to be another hidden gem that is not so hidden in terms of location. I would definitely revisit it again to enjoy their other seafood menus and have another sip of its Femme Parisienne or try its other cocktail concoctions.


Jalan Laksmana 22, Seminyak, Bali 80361 Indonesia
P: +62 361 736 319
P: +62 361 732 413

Operational Hours:
Mon-Sun 3.00 pm – 12.00 am


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