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For me, Ubud is all about taking it easy, indulging in rejuvenating spa session, relaxing in gorgeous villa with stunning scenery, stretching out my muscles at a yoga class, and dining at some of the island’s best restaurants (Check out my review of Locavore, Ubud). It may not have the thumping nightlife and daring energy of the south of the island, but Ubud offers plenty for those seeking some serious down time away from the hustle and bustle of big city life and lingering in the scent.

Royal Pita Maha Ubud Bali Lobby

Royal Pita Maha Bali Lobby

Royal Pita Maha Bali Ubud

The first thing I noticed when I walked into The Royal Pita Maha was a feeling of space. The resort is set in the hill of Ubud spread out over acres that descends down to the banks of Ayung River. It is elegantly nestled in its environment without transforming radically the beauty of the surroundings.  It is not a standard 5 star luxury resort because it used to be a Royal Palace and it has all the regal feature for it.

It has several pools, each and every one is extraordinary. The Infinity Pool looks like a sheet of mirror floating in the middle of the tropical forest.

Royal Pita Maha Infinity pool

Royal Pita Maha Infinity Pool

The Lagoon Pool runs like a river alongside Ayung river in the valley.

Royal Pita Maha Ubud Lagoon Pool

Royal Pita Maha Lagoon pool

The Holy Spring Water Pool sourced by natural sacred spring water, that is believed can purify your body, mind and spirit.

Royal Pita Maha Holy Spring Water pool

Royal Pita Maha Holy Spring Water Pool

Royal Pita Maha Ubud The Holy Spring Water Pool

The Royal Pita Maha features 34 Deluxe Pool Villas, 29 Royal Pool Villas, 3 Royal Spa Villas, 10 Ayung Healing Villas, 1 Two Bedrooms Deluxe Pool Villas, and 1 Royal House. We booked one Deluxe Pool Villa, but surprisingly we were upgraded to Ayung Healing Villa.

Royal Pita Maha Ubud Villa

Our Ayung Healing Villa, no 128 was located just a stone’s throw away from the Ayung river, providing a relaxing flowing water sound and an uninterrupted scenery of the forest. But I’m afraid we’re also become an uninterrupted scenery of other guests or staff, when having shower in our outdoor rainfall shower! surprised (Ayung Healing Villa is the only villa without indoor shower)

Royal Pita Maha Ayung villa

Royal Pita Maha Ubud Ayung Healing Villa

Royal Pita Maha Ayung villa 3

Royal Pita Maha Ayung villa 5

Royal Pita Maha Ayung villa 2

Royal Pita Maha Ayung villa 4

We didn’t like the fact that our villa was very far from the lobby and it required quite a hike, climbing hundreds of stairs !! (Ok..ok.. I was exaggerating a little, it’s not hundreds. But we took roughly 10 minutes to reach the lobby… panting tongue). When we went back to our villa after dark, it was always a big task for us. We could find frogs, snails, and all sorts of wildlife on the pathways. So although paths ways are lit, we were very careful not to accidentally squish anything.

And the downfall for me was the frequency of discourteous behaviour from the staff. I expected more well trained staff from a 5 star luxury resort.

But other than that, our stay at The Royal Pita Maha was one of a kind, authentic and traditional, and it gave me a true Balinese experience.

All the villas are dotted up the hill side and although there are segments with lifts, this is not a hotel for those with mobility issues or for people with any sort of physical limitation. If you come with family, young kids or old people, just make sure you get a villa near the main building, villa no 102-106, and you can get a great over-arching view from your villa as a bonus.

Royal Pita Maha Ubud

Royal Pita Maha Hotel Resort Ubud

The Ayung Valley restaurant is masterfully crafted to follow the contours of the surrounding landscape and it has a stunning view. The breakfast was beautifully laid out with a wide selection on offer for all tastes. I chose to have a local Indonesian breakfast that time, which I thought would fit more to the surroundings.  tongue

Royal Pita Maha breakfast restaurant 1

Royal Pita Maha breakfast restaurant 3

Royal Pita Maha breakfast restaurant 2


Royal Pita Maha Ayung Valley Restaurant Breakfast

The other stunning restaurant was the Ayung Organic Restaurant with a gorgeous view of Ayung river.

Royal Pita Maha Ayung Organic restaurant

Royal Pita Maha restaurant 2

Royal Pita Maha Ayung Organic Restaurant Ayung river

The highlight for me was doing yoga at 9 am. The Bale is located at the very bottom of the resort, next to the river. A sense of calmness blanket our body as we moved from one asana to the next.

Royal Pita Maha Yoga Bale

Royal Pita Maha Ayung River view

Royal Pita Maha Ayung River Rafting

Royal Pita Maha Ubud Bali Wedding

Royal Pita Maha Ubud Bali wedding party

Royal Pita Maha Ubud Bali Villa

The Royal Pita Maha truly embody the spirit of Ubud. Every corner in the resort was a feast to the eyes. But like a piece of art is not acceptable to everyone, this Balinese village of Ubud is not either.


The Royal Pita Maha

Location :

Desa Kadewatan PO BOX 198
Ubud 80571, Bali
+62 361 980022



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