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Sometimes comfort food is a good idea, and this time I set my eyes on The Red Bucket. A new  place in Kemang just next to Tamani Cafe. First thing that caught my sight was their kids play area. Big red barn is a staple for this South American themed restaurant, as much as the menu of course.. Like Fried chicken (Farm Style or Crispy) and other Southern American comfort food, but also the healthy choices like Quinoa salad, oatmeal breakfast choices, etc.

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I came here to try their signature dishes so I settled on these ones:
Buttermilk Fried Chicken -Farm Style (IDR 59.091):  Two pieces of 24 hours of buttermilk soaked chicken, served with salad and mashed potatoes. The chicken meat was seasoned nicely although I wasn’t fond of the too thick coating. The fried skin also has almost no flavor of that supposedly strong cayenne pepper. I’m also missing the gravy sauce. Overall it was just an average meal.


Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich (IDR 50.000): Southern fried chicken breast, apple slaw and pickles on a soft, sesame seed bun. Burger with the same fried chicken. But this time it was saved by the delicious bun and fantastic coleslaw.

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Fried Chicken with Garlic Fried Rice (IDR 50.000): Fried rice with poached egg, pickles and fried shallots, with fried chicken on top. Pretty good fried rice with strong garlic fragrant.


Soya Ice Cream with Palm Sugar topping (IDR 13.636): Soft ice cream, soy milk based. A healthier choice for dessert. Tasted light and satisfying.


The Red Bucket might be a fun place for family with little kids, but for me who’s looking for a real good food it all seemed just a gimmick. But it doesn’t hurt to try it just for the sake of fun.

The Red Bucket

Kemang Square Lv.3 Unit III
Jl. Kemang Raya 3A-5
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 719 3040

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun  8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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