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“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy Red Velvet Pancakes ! And that’s kind of the same thing !”.
It’s what I read on the blackboard in front of the Fat Turtle cafe in Seminyak, and I couldn’t agree more ! When I had their Red Velvet Pancake (IDR 55.000), first bite was like a ‘foreplay’  and every bite followed was an inhalarating journey to what I call ‘Pancakegasm’ lovestruck. The fluffy chewy pancake, and the smooth cream cheese mousse contrasted beautifully with the chocolate soil and honeycomb crunch.

Fat Turtle Red Velvet Pancake

Fat Turtle Bali Red Velvet Pancake

Not playing second favourite but their Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict (IDR 55.000) was also delectable with the strips of spiced pulled pork with jalapeño giving a wonderful kick, and I like how their hollandaise sauce used lime instead of lemon.

Fat Turtle Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict

And their Smashed Avocado on Toast (IDR 45.000) was flavoursome and fresh, gave me validation that healthy breakfast doesn’t have to be bland.

Fat Turtle Smashed Avocado on Toast

But I must say the egg yolk on both menus, were slightly tad overcooked, so the egg yolks were not melting out beautifully when I forked them. But I believe this minor thing can be fixed promptly.

The Hot Mocha (IDR 24.000) was superb. They specialized in local single origin, Aceh Gayo. The latte art on my hot mocha was apparently being done by a trainer or a barista wannabe tongue. But I was such in a good mood that morning, perhaps because of the ‘Pancakegasm’ I just had before, so I didn’t mind this glitch.

The bamboo straw in the glass of the regular Ice Tea (IDR 27.000) was a novelty.

Fat Turtle Coffee

The Banana Chocolate Ovomaltine Tart (IDR 28.000) that was not in the menu, attracted me from behind the display pane because of the word : Chocolate…Ovomaltine… Banana…and…Tart, each is my favoured ingredient to be in the dessert, not in that particular order. Tasted it. Loved it. And hoped they will add this to their regular menu.

Fat Turtle dessert cakes

Fat Turtle Chocolate Ovomaltine Banana Tart

The all-day breakfast menu in the Fat Turtle was quite limited, but since this cafe was fairly new,  I believe it will expand nicely and many more new exciting menus will be added. At first, the portion seemed rather small but in fact the size was perfect.

This small hidden gem was rather difficult to find since there’s no obvious signage, and it sits deep from the main road, you could pass it unnoticed especially when you were driving. For easy reference, it’s located slightly opposite of Potato Head Beach Club entry, and next to Deus ex Machina.

Fat Turtle Seminyak Bali

The industrial look combined with a vintage and rustic charm create a-what-I-say “Funky Vibe” cafe. With max seating of 40 people, try to come before 9 am to guarantee you a seat and a good service, since I noticed the service was getting much slower when the cafe was crowded during 10 am-ish.

The turtle mural on the wall, the tables that were reconditioned Singer sewing machine, and the bill that was put in the small cage-like rattan… Cute to the max !

Fat Turtle Bali Seminyak

Fat Turtle Seminyak Cafe Bali

Fat Turtle Seminyak Bali Inside

Fat Turtle special menu June

Fat Turtle Seminyak Bali Inside

It’s a good venue with relatively cheap price compared to some others I have tried. And the food is definitely worth coming back for. I can’t wait to come back to experience their Corn Fritter, their Banana French Toast, their Churros, and their June Pancake Special. Here I come again, soon !


 Sassy Eater.

As I promised to myself, I revisited  the Fat Turtle in my “June Summer Holiday” and “August Mini-Reunion” and “October Weekend Get-Away”. As you see, there were always so many valid reasons to come to Bali. In fact, I came to Bali six times in a year, even more than I visited my hometown! tongue

So here were some menus I tried. Some were limited (seasonal) pancakes, some were the fixed menus in the house.

The Berry Pancake (IDR 60.000) was the June Pancake Special. I like this three stack of fluffy cookie crumble pancakes, mixed berries and chia seeds compote, accompanied with berry ice cream and bubblegum meringue kisses, it sounded so healthy yet enchanting.

Fat Turtle Bali Berry Pancake

The Watermelon Lychee Pancake (IDR 60.000) was the August Pancake Special. This 2 stacks of fluffy pancakes, enhanced with rose water scented cream, almond crumbs, vanilla ice cream and completed with watermelon and lychee pieces was light yet delightful, it deserve a solo spot in the menu. I want more, please….lovestruck (Pleading to the owner of the Fat Turtle, the beautiful young woman, who is also the creator of these all fascinating pancakes)

Fat Turtle Bali Watermelon Lychee Pancake

The Kaffir Corn Fritters (IDR 60.000) was simply awesome!!!
(Caution : This is a subjective opinion, due to my fondness to everything deep-fried)

The Banana Bread French Toast (IDR 45.000) looked appetizing, but I couldn’t say so for the taste.

Fat Turtle Bali Corn Fritter and Banana French Toast

The Chocolate Tart (IDR 28.000) was the one we chose from the display pane this time. It looked lovely, but I prefer the Banana Chocolate Ovomaltine Tart to this in term of flavour.

Fat Turtle Bali Chocolate Tart

The Ice Latte (IDR 26.000), Ice Mocha (IDR 28.000) and Piccolo Latte (IDR 24.000) were equally satisfying.

Fat Turtle Bali Coffee Ice Latte Ice Mocha Piccolo Latte

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy Red Velvet Pancakes ! And that’s kind of the same thing !”

It’s what I read on the blackboard in front of the Fat Turtle. In my case, it’s not only the Red Velvet Pancake, but it’s also the Watermelon Lychee Pancake…. and the Kaffir Corn Fritters… and their Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict… and their Banana Chocolate Ovomaltine Tart….and their Coffees….the list is endless….

The Fat Turtle has captivated my heart, and I definitely will always come to this venue, every time I come to Bali. It’s a promise!


The Fat Turtle

Location :

Jalan Raya Petitenget #886A
Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
+62 361 781 2795

Opening Hours :
Daily : 9 am – 7 pm



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