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Heard about a new food establishment in the Menteng area, I decided to take a visit and have our brunch there. The location is right at the central Jakarta close to Thamrin, only 5 minutes from Grand Indonesia. When I got there, I quickly knew that I made the right choice for my morning meal destination. There are tables and seatings on the front area which is the smoking section of the cafe. Wall murals and wood decors adorn the walls on both sides of the building.

I was rather famished at the time since I missed my brekkie. So I went in to get a table and started ordering. While waiting for the food to be served, I took a moment to check out the interior which I found to be elegantly chic. And yet I also found the fact that they use chandeliers, combined with trees and birds embellishments on the walls and white brick partitions as divider to the open kitchen area to be rather perplexing. The combination of classic element, contemporary and industrial element can unexpectedly be achieved to create a rather unique interior.

spumante 1

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From the pantry, I decided to have a cup of Cappucino(IDR 33K) and Green Veggie Juice (IDR 35K) with the posing barista on the background. (He probably thought I was capturing him instead of the coffee machine).
spumante 8

spumante 9

The menu was mostly western cuisine with a few Indonesian and Asian touch. I decided on several menus that my empty tummy crave to digest. tongue

Vol-Au-Vent Croissant (IDR 65K) – warm croissant bread with grilled chicken and mushroom cream sauce served with mixed salad. The croissant had the right texture and with tasty fills within the bread, I found it to be immensely fulfilling.
spumante 10

Chicken Cracklings (IDR 45K) – deep fried chicken pieces served with french fries. It was fried properly and the taste made me keep on dipping the chicken and fries on the sauces provided.
spumante 11

Eggs Benedict (IDR 68K) – two poached eggs, beef bacon, sautéed spinach raisin served on a brioche toast and topped with hollandaise sauce. The eggs were poached just right. When I cut it open, the egg yolks oozed down the way it should be. The overall dish was good. I have no complains whatsoever.
spumante 12

Spumante’s Signature Dishes: Beef Ragu on Sausage Baguette (IDR 70K) – slow cooked meat with tomatoes, onion, garlic and italian herbs served with a slice of garlic bread. They made the right call to make this as their signature. The beef ragu was superb with a balanced taste all over. It was no doubt the hero of the dish. It kept me going back to eat it even though I was already too full after eating the other menus as well.
spumante 13


Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 50
Menteng, Jakarta
Ph. +62.21.3106188

Hours of operation:
8 am – 7 pm Everyday
Closed on Tuesday


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