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I don’t know how to start explaining how much I love Korean food..and now..Korean dessert place in Kemang area?! I wasted no time to go there. It’s just opened for a month or so and the place is almost hidden (in the corner on the same area as Animo Bread Culture /across Koi restaurant), you can’t really miss it by it’s cute snowman symbol. As I walked in, I saw these two fake snow-couple, the exact replica from Nami Island’s famous mascot. They’re so cute and ready to greet you and your picture ready-self. To top it all, they even provide the photo props: bowl hats. So much fun indeed.

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Beside the Bingsoo /Korean famous shaved ice dessert, there are also ramen and few of the Land of Morning Calm’s dishes available. But I was there just for the desserts and I ordered their two staple ones:

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Snow Bingsoo (IDR 52.000) : The most ice catching and fun to order-Bingsoo menu. It’s blue,fluffy and tasted like rainbow. The main thing I noticed that their shaved ice has a rice grain like shape that I haven’t seen before. It’s lovely and melted in your mouth. This Snow Ice has also chocolate sprinkles and  blueberry jelly inside. It’s fragrant,sweet and addicting.


Pat Bingsoo (IDR 45.000): The original and most popular Korean shaved ice dessert with redbean paste, mochi,soybean powder and peanuts topping. Simpler but loveable dessert.

Snow It had me at ‘snowmen picture corner’ and I was more in love with their authentic and creative dessert. I’ll definitely come back more for their other Bingsoo.


Snow-It Korean Dessert Cafe

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 69 F

Kemang, South Jakarta



Phone: (021) 719 6169

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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