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This throw back Singapore visit from last Christmas brought me to places I would always keep in my memory. One of ’em is Shop Wonderland, which is located on Haji Lane among the many food and retail tiny shops there.

Shop Wonderland is actually a mini concept store, selling decorative items and widely known for their specialized product, the tiffany chairs used in many weddings and events. The retail and florist operated on the second floor while first floor was used for the pantry section.

This was the entrance with some X’mas decor on the window. They have two tiny tables by the window outside. Even before I got in, I could felt my heart racing with excitement and sense that I would keen to love this tiny cute place.
shop wonderland 1

shop wonderland 2

The inside cafe was small with just a few small tables and long ones. Its whimsical aura was strong with adornments of lamps and Christmas decors on the ceiling and walls. So different than their usual interior without all the decors (a lot more plain, quiet and not as festive).
shop wonderland 3

shop wonderland 4

shop wonderland 5

shop wonderland 6

shop wonderland 7

shop wonderland 8

At the time, the cafe was bustling with visitors. Since I had to wait for the seat, I went up to the second floor for my retail therapy. They have some nice cute products for home decor and accessories. After a while, I went back down and got my seat.

I ordered two of their cake slices, which are Rose Bouche Cake and Earl Grey, and a cup of Cappuccino. The cakes were moist and a tad bit buttery. The flavor was also quite balanced. Liked it.

shop wonderland 9

shop wonderland 10

shop wonderland 11

Shop Wonderland is one tiny cake shop that I like. If your trip to Singapore brought you to this part of Singapore, you definitely should take a peek for some culinary and retail remedy. Just be careful when you ask them for permission to take pictures, since they might not let you to or even mention about charging you (that comes as a bit of a shock to me! surprised). I was also told to update them when putting a review on my blog, which I dont quite understand why as this is just a platform to share my experience.  It happened during my second visit here. I thought they’re gonna appreciate my honesty by asking for permission first before taking pictures. What I notice is that Singaporean are not into Instagram at this time, and the level of social media craze is somewhat less than in Indonesia. Correct me if I’m wrong. So my suggestion is if you want to take pictures, just take it subtly without asking permission LOL.  laughing


Shop Wonderland
37 Haji Lane
Singapore 189230
Ph. +65 6299 5848

Opening Hours:
10.00 am – 08.00 pm Daily


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