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Nusa Dua is a stereotype for luxurious hotels, opulent bars, and stunning dining venues by the beach. Secret Cafe is anything but! And for me, it’s the Best Secret ever, that I’m sure it will be revealed to the world soon!

Tucked humbly on a less popular route to Nusa Dua, Jalan Siligita, it’s close (5 minute-driving) to the location of The Ritz Carlton and Sofitel, the hotels that we stayed when we visited Secret Cafe several times. It’s very convenient for us when we needed a break from hotel food, but a 45-minute-driving to Seminyak was a pain in the neck tongue.

Secret Cafe is located 10 min walking straight from Courtyard Marriot Hotel back door and about 100 metre ahead Santika Hotel, positioned just about across of Warung Ibu Oki, with red flags outside it may easier to locate. It is a small, comfy, not pretentious cafe, that serve healthy delicious food, amazing juices, awesome cakes and good coffee, owned by friendly accommodating Indra kiss.

Secret Cafe Nusa Dua Bali Owner Indra

This homely space accommodate only four tables, bar stools and a large comfy sofa indoor and two tables outdoor. The walls are adorned with surfboards, Indra’s paintings, bicycle and pictures. Secret Cafe offers a chilled eclectic vibe with a laid back ambience, a nice change from all the super high-end places that surround it.

Secret Cafe Nusa Dua Bali

Secret Cafe Nusa Dua

Secret Cafe Nusa Dua Bali interior

We had the juicy Australian Black Angus Beef Burger (IDR 77K) which was awe-inspiring, a very special burger stands ahead of anything we’ve ever tasted before in terms of succulence, juiciness and the unsurpassable flavour of the Angus Beef.

The Shrimp Nasi Goreng (IDR 55K) was simply awesome! I’m a huge fan of local fried rice everytime I go back to Indonesia. And Secret Cafe Nasi Goreng did not fail to satisfy my craving.

The Fresh Orange Juice (IDR 35K) was purely refreshing.

Secret Cafe Nusa Dua Angus Burger and Fried Rice

The Mahi Mahi Fish (IDR 72K) and rice was succulent! I am not a fish person, but I can’t help falling in love with this menu. Not an easy fish to cook, yet so fresh, boned perfectly and so tasty. The homemade salsa was perfect to complement the mani mahi fish superbly. The price was very reasonable for such a quality meal.

Secret Cafe Nusa Dua mahi mahi fish

Secret Cafe sources their coffee from Illy. Indra’s persistence in learning from the coffee company’s workshops was what brought her to serving proper coffee. I couldn’t find my favourite drink here, so I had the Cafe Latte (IDR 29K) instead. It was so smooth and had medium body. Decent coffee, I must say.

Secret Cafe Nusa Dua Bali coffee

The cakes were also delicious and healthy. I was surprised to learn that all their cakes are butter free. They were so fluffy it’s hard to believe! But the cake that we couldn’t stop craving for was their homemade Apple Cake (IDR 23K/slice). Ever since our first bite, the apple cake was a ‘must’ menu on every visit. Great texture, not too sweet, it was delectable yet healthy, since it’s made with coconut oil. I am neither a vegetarian nor a vegan and I like my cakes with butter and eggs but I cherished this Secret Cafe Apple Cake.

Secret Cafe Nusa Dua Cakes

Secret Cafe Nusa Dua Bali Apple Cake

Everything at Secret Cafe was fresh and quality food were served on every visit! Their menu is affordable. Way too reasonable compared to popular cafes and patisserie at a nearby four-star hotel. And don’t even compare them with Seminyak fancies.

Secret Cafe is a recommendable hide away for a coffee stop or a relaxed breakfast or lunch.

The owners are some of the friendliest I’ve experience on this side of Bali so far. So chatty and always happy to answer our questions. Thank you for a great experience and I can’t wait to come back and see how the business is in a couple months!

Secret Cafe Nusa Dua Bali inside

Secret Cafe

Location :
Jalan Siligita no 9
Nusa Dua, Bali
+62 857 3910 7963


Opening Hours :
8am to 6pm.



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