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Sometimes all you need is traditional Indonesian hawker food, it was a hot day and my friend recommended this new satay eatery in Pasar Festival. Sate Haji Kelik has another branch in Kuningan City Mall’s food court, but the one I visited today is newer in both concept and location. Because the eatery is on the second floor, you’ll have to climb up a flight of stairs to reach there or go through the inside of the Pasar Festival. The place has no airconditioning and only ceiling fans. However, with such cool and youthful interior this could possibly be one of the hippest place to eat Indonesian jajanan /hawker food. At night this lively place turns into lounge with DJ playing music. A fun concept with delicious affordable menu and drinks.

Sate Kulit 5 skewers (IDR 16.800): Crispy fried chicken skin, salty greasy delicious total comfort food.

Sate Ayam 5 skewers (IDR 24.800): Juicy all white meat chicken satay with peanut sauce,sweet soy sauce and fried shallot.

Sate Kambing 5 skewers (IDR 46.800): Lovely lamb skewers, quite tender, nicely cooked, overall tasty.

Siomay (IDR 26.800): A very well known Indonesian street food, consisted of fish cakes and steamed tofu, with peanut sauce. The siomay was okay, a bit too soft for my liking.

Nasi Goreng Haji Kelik (IDR 26.800): Indonesian fried rice with fried egg, crackers, fried shallot topping. Love the simple taste that really reminded me of the nasi goreng tek tek / hawker food.

Roti Bakar (IDR 22.800): Buttered toasted bread with condensed milk, peanut, cheese and chocolate toppings. Delicious coffee companion.

Cireng (IDR 26.800) : Indonesian traditional snack consisted of fried Tapioka starch with palm sugar chili sauce on the side. It’s crispy, gooey, salty, a perfect snack for any time of the day.

SH1a SH16a

SH2a SH3a SH4a SH5a SH6a SH7a (1) SH8a SH9a SH10a

SH11a SH12a SH13a SH14a


Sate Haji Kelik 

Plaza Pasar Festival Lt.UG-59A
Jl.HR.Rasuna Said Kav.C 22
Kuningan, Jakarta

Phone : (021) 2941 0847


Open 24  hours

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