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Being part Manadonese myself,I loveee Manado cuisine. The varieties of spices,the colors and spiciness of the food always brought me closer to home. I’ve heard people raving Sarang Oci restaurant for quite some time now,and finally, I got to try the original place,which is in Jl.Panjang. The restaurant looks like a real old house inside and outside. There are two floors with antique colorful mosaic tiles on the walls, stained glass windows and Tiffany lamps adorned the ceiling. After getting through the menu, I’ve noticed they haven’t got the complete Manadonese food. Some things that were essential to Manadonese cuisine and weren’t in their menu were the Babi Putar / Roasted Pork and Paniki / Bats cooked in coconut milk. It was a bump, but I guess they focused more on the seafood dishes here which what Manado famous for. At least the food looks authentic and freshly cooked.

Lalampa (IDR 5.455/piece): Sticky rice with spicy tuna filing, wrapped with Banana leaves and roasted. The size was so tiny, but it was bursting with flavor and delicious.

Panada (IDR 5.455/piece): Manadonese fried bread with spicy tuna filing. Similar to donut but have a distinctive shape, this is one of most loveable Manadonese delicacies. The bread was fluffy, had a bit of sweetness and the tuna filing was flavorful.

Garopa Bakar Rica (IDR 49.500-Regular):  Grilled spicy Grouper fish seasoned with sour and spicy Rica sauce. The fish was fresh but the rica sauce was missing it’s acidity. Although overall is good.

Cumi Bakar Rica (IDR 46.000): Grilled squid with the same Rica sauce. It was fresh and good.

Daun Pepaya Singkong Teri Woku (IDR 25.000): Papaya and Cassava leaves cooked with anchovy and spicy curry like sauce. I like how the leaves blends with the strong Woku sauce, it’s really tasty.

Perkedel Nike Goreng (IDR 30.000/3 pieces): Nike fish/ anchovies dipped in egg and flour and deep fried. It’s crunchy,salty and greasy.

Perkedel Jagung (IDR 18.000/3 pieces): Manadonese fried corn cake.I couldn’t stop eating it cause the corn was sweet and works well with the salty flour.

Ayam Woku Balanga (IDR 42.000): Manadonese stewed spicy chicken with spicy chilli woku sauce cooked in a claypot. Woku is a genuine Manado sauce which name was originated from Daun Woka. Daun woka is a type of young coconut leaf that is generally utilized as a warm rice wrapper. This dish is also my all time favorite and Sarang Oci’s version didn’t dissapoint. The chicken was super tender, cooked and seasoned perfectly and absorbed well with the rich fragrant sauce.

Tumis Bunga Pepaya (IDR 29.000): Papaya flower buds, stirfried with anchovies, Salam /Indonesian Bay leaves, garlic, shallots, Galangal /ginger and chilies. I’m not a fan of bitter food and this one was too bold for my taste.

Pisang Goreng (IDR 16.500/3 pieces): Unlike other fried banana that you might have tried, Manadonese’s was supposed to made of young banana that’s still firm in texture and has no taste because you eat it with the salty spicy chili sauce. This one was sweet and just wasn’t right for me.

Balapis (IDR 5.455): Manadonese layered cake made with coconut milk. This one was too hard in texture although it had nice flavor to it.

Klappertart (IDR 8.182): Klappertart is one of the favorite dessert from manado that has a strong Dutch influence. It has a liquidy texture and made from condensed milk, Rhum, sweet young coconuts, Vanilla extract, raisins, corn starch/Maizena, Cinnamon and walnuts. This one was just okay although I had better.

Es Kacang Merah (IDR 30.000): One of the all time Manadonese favorite dessert was the Red Bean Ice. It’s similar to Bingsu/Korean shaved ice dessert with simpler and local ingredients such as Cinnamon, sugar syrup, brown sugar syrup, condensed milk, shaved ice, chocolate syrup and of course red beans. Simply the top dish to have to neutralize your burnt palate.

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Sarang Oci

Jl.Panjang Arteri Kelapa Dua No.99
Kebon Jeruk
West Jakarta-11530

Phone: (021) 5329791

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 10:00 AM – 9:30 PM

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