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Sapori Deli at Fairmont hotel is located right across 1945 restaurant. Separated into two sections of deli and restaurant, the deli opens earlier for breakfast and brunch, and changes their menus for lunch. The other part which is an Italian restaurant opens later at Noon and has wider selection. Sapori Deli’s look is vibrant, casual but elegant at the same time. Very comfy place with comfortable seats and spacey room.

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I was too early for lunch so I tried some of their deli menus first:

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Breakfast Sandwich (IDR 50.000): English muffin with Onion salad and white egg. Love the fluffy fresh bread, although the filling was very minimal.

S9a S10a

Crab Salad Sandwich (IDR 95.000): Sandwich with potato chips and tiny portion of Coleslaw on the side. Nicely presented, the crab filling was succulent but needed more seasonings.


At Noon I moved to the other side of the restaurant, in search of ‘real’ lunch. As you can see, the Italian eatery looks fairly similar but has a slightly more formal feel to it.

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First thing first…you can judge a lot by an Italian restaurant by the complimentary bread they offer, and this one was superb!


..and here are some of their recommended dishes:


Quinoa Salad (IDR 80.000): Shaved fennel, apple, cabbage, toasted Hazelnut, Citrus Vinaigrette. Just couldn’t resist of anything with Quinoa and there are plenty of seeds to indulge. The salad was fresh, crisp and has just the right taste.


Spaghetti Nero (IDR 190.000): Squid, prawn, toasted garlic, white wine and chili. Homemade pasta that you can really taste and the amount of squid ink was generous, enough to make you grin with blacken teeth. 🙂


Roasted Branzino (IDR 320.000): Green puree, Artichoke, New potatoes and Sultana Vinaigrette. Beautifully decorated dish, the grouper fillet was fresh and tender. The acidity from the baby tomatoes and artichoke worked well with the fish.


Sapori’s Signature Zeppole (IDR 40.000): Italian dessert of a deep fried dough ball filled with Cannoli-style pastry cream. The dessert was quite big,about as big as a woman’s fist. The outside layer was crusty, tasted more like cream puffs. This one has a Pistachio flavored cream filling and served with milk sauce. The dessert was very rich and satisfying.

Assorted Cakes from Sapori Deli:

S24a S26a

Coconut Mango (IDR 40.000): Layers of mango flavored icing glaze, vanilla sponge cake and coconut sugar in between the layers. Super sweet dessert, even for me the self proclaimed sweet-tooth.

Brownies (IDR 40.000): Chocolate ganache on top of thin brownies, also a super sweet dessert.

Cheesecake (IDR 40.000): Savory and sweet cake, with dense texture. Really good.

I like healthy Italian food and Sapori Deli didn’t disappoint. I would want to come back for their pizza, other fine quality menu and just for the ambiance that they have here.


Sapori Deli

Faimont Hotel 3rd Level
Jl. Asia Afrika No.8
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 2970 3333

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