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There’s such a huge buzz around the opening of Aeon Mall in BSD city,Tangerang I think it’s mostly because the fact that it’s a Japanese originated shopping center. I took the time to go there on a Sunday, of it’s first month operating, and it’s sooo.. crowded that the line entering the mall resembles a theme park entrance. Despite the super large parking place plus parking structure, it seemed like it doesn’t help much because I had to go around for a good half an hour to find a parking spot. The inside of the mall was packed and I went straight to the restaurant row and found this Not too crowded restaurant -Sagami. Sagami has an open, simple, relaxed surroundings and the service was fast and attentive. The food is authentic Japanese with pretty presentation and excellent quality. I was glad to picked the right restaurant in such a dire lunch hour.

Nabeyaki Udon (IDR 60.000): Udon served in a claypot, with kamaboko (fish cake), mushrooms, cabbage, Inari (sweet tofu)and egg. The udon was firm, the soup has a simple but distinctive flavor. It’s all good.

Sagami Zen and Salmon Roll (IDR 110.000): A full set meal of Wakami (seaweed) salad, cabbage salad, hot soba, sashimi, tempura and Salmon sushi. The sushi was superb,one of the best I’ve tasted in Jakarta (or Tangerang for that matter :-)) the rice has the perfect consistency, the salmon was fresh. The soba was delicate and tasty,in fact the soba is Sagami’s specialty, so it’s worth the try. The tempura was just okay, not much to be excited about. Overall it was a splendid meal.


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Sagami Japanese Cuisine

AEON Mall BSD City
Ground Floor #17
Jl. BSD Raya Utama 
Tangerang 15345

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