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Have you ever heard about this quote “Pizza is a lot like S**. When it’s good, it’s Really Good. When it’s bad, it’s still Pretty Good” ??  If you agree to that, may I say that I had an ‘Orgasmic’ one at Pronto Pizza, Bali? tongue

Don’t think that Pronto Pizza is an overly rich and super cheesy pizza to make me experience that. In fact, it is made with a lot of passion by the pizzaiolo (a man who makes pizzas in a pizzeria). That’s the case with me who doesn’t fancy a man who’s excessively rich and super cheesy, and I’m  soooo into a passionate man. Hmmm… now that’s all make sense bigsmile.

Pronto Pizza is an authentic pizza just like you would expect in Trastevere in Rome, with a smoky thin crispy base, perfectly cooked in the wood fired oven, topped with delicious quality cheese and tomato base and an endless choice of wonderful-not-over-the top toppings, that will guarantee you to keep on eating.

Pronto Pizza Bali Margherita

We sat with a view of the pizzaiolo/the owner who is a born and bred Italian, a 50 something perfectionist who has mastered the art. His concentration and dedication in making the pizza bases filled us with confidence.

Pronto Pizza Bali

You should have the Pizza Al Metro (IDR 150K)! It’s a one metre pizza, where you can choose up to six toppings.

For our Pizza Al Metro, I chose Margherita, Bacon, Pepperoni, Pollo, Capricciosa, and Potato-and-Beef . It was not doughy nor stodgy and not overly stuffed with flavourful toppings, it just felt and tasted right.

Pronto Pizza Al Metro Long Pizza Margherita Pollo Mozzarela Potato and Beef

Pronto Pizza Capricciosa

After we finished our one-metre Pizza Al Metro, we had another six slices of Pepperoni Pizza (IDR 65K), and once again, we satiated our appetite.

I definitely love the thin base, left me feel fulfilled without the bulkiness of the dough base, and absolutely satisfied.

Pronto Pizza Pepperoni

Pronto Pizza is a modest little lot with limited number of tables & chairs and a few high tables with bar stools. Located beside the KutaBex Mall, on Poppies 1 Lane. The best way to find it is to enter from the left wing of KutaBex Mall. You’ll find Pronto Pizza on your right side, located upstairs.

Pronto Pizza Poppies Kuta Kutabex

I heard from the Italian chef from the hotel we were staying at, that this was the best pizza in Bali, and considering he was Italian and served pizza in his own restaurant, I guessed I’m not the only one who savours this gorgeous pizza.

So do yourself a favour when you’re in Bali, experience the Pizza Orgasmic as I did. And you will squeal with delight, Buonissima!!

Pronto Pizza Italian Bali


Pronto Pizza

Poppies 1 street, Kuta
Beside KutaBex Mall


Opening Hours :
10 am – 11 pm



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