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The De Ritz building doesn’t look much from the outside, the parking spot is quite terrible with low ceiling and creepy surroundings. But as I entered Por Qué No? on the 5th floor, the vibe immediately changed. The welcoming wall made out of color pencils shows you that you’re on the right place. Colorful and full of shenanigans is my first impression of Por Qué No? , just like it’s meaning “Why Not”, this Spanish restaurant is playful, very family friendly-with Lego pieces to keep your kid occupied for hours- and cozy outdoor bar and lounge rooftop that includes the beautiful night view of the city. It doesn’t stop there, cute details are everywhere in that small eatery. You can see it on the pictures below. It’s definitely a concept that both the young and the old could relate to. Managed and created by the same people behind Convivium, I think it’s very creative and interesting to have a Spanish restaurant with light food and light atmosphere in such a busy street such as Menteng. Keep in mind that this is a tapas restaurant, so they are mostly mini served dishes, even the ‘for sharing’ portion could still be too small for some.

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Tortilla Espanola (IDR 35.000): Spanish omelette. This dish is a prove that looks can be deceiving. Looks like meat to me but it’s actually egg omelette made with potatoes and fried in vegetable oil. Tasted delicious and full-filing.

Tentaculo a la Plancha (IDR 60.000): Grilled squid tentacles. Seafood in the net..what a cute presentation. “Release the Kraken!!” I said..:-) and the flavor was sweet and tangy, finger licking good and the squid was cooked beautifully without rubbery texture.

Trio de Hamburguesitas (IDR 80.000): Trio mini burgers of: Double cheese, avocado and egg. Three mini but bold flavored burgers. Yum!

Paella de Carne (IDR 220.000/Small): Chicken paella with Chorizo.This Spanish rice dish was cooked nicely and the flavor all comes together.

Arroz Negro (IDR 240.000/Small): Squid ink paella. I like this one even more, the rice has that nice firm texture, the richness from the squid ink was bold and added the finesse.

Albondigas (IDR 60.000): Beef meatballs in sweet tomato sauce. Similar to Italian meat balls, it’s wonderfully seasoned, the meat was tender and succulent.

Salmorejo (IDR 80.000): Andalucian tomato dip with crumbles of Serrano ham, apples and eggs. I wasn’t a fan of the super dry toast and the toppings were just plain boring.

Croquetas de Chorizo (IDR 55.000): Mini size Chorizo and potato croquettes. Small but satisfying finger food.

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Churros Sandwich (IDR 40.000): Two Cinnamon sugar-Spanish donuts (Churros) with ice cream in the middle. The churros has crunchy outside and nice soft and light inside, I wish I could taste the cinnamon more, otherwise it’s delicious.

Torrijas (IDR 40.000): Fried honey and cinnamon bread topped with Vanilla ice cream. Similar to bread pudding, without the milk.

Chocolate Con Chile (IDR 50.000): Dark chocolate brownie with chili-infused chocolate fondant served Olive oil ice cream. Chocolate and Chili..Both things that I love in one?Why not? And the combination blew me away!


PR5a PR6a PR7s


Por Qué No? 

The Ritz Building 5th Flr. (Next to Gallery Batik Keris)
Jl.H.O.S.Cokroaminoto No.91
Menteng, Central Jakarta – 10350

Phone: (021) 3901950

Opening Hours:

Monday Closed
Tue – Thur 5:00 PM – Midnight
Fri – Sun 5:00 PM – 2:00 AM

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