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I haven’t come back to this Germany restaurant since it’s moved to the new place. Paulaner’s new location is right across the Kempi Deli or on top of Social House. Famous for it’s beer, the first thing that I saw was the golden beer brewery machine, and the cute Germany costumed waitresses. It felt like it’s always Octoberfest in here. On Saturday night, the place was so crowded that you’ll have to stand behind red rope to get a table, so reservations are highly recommended. The rest of the place is adorned with brick walls, beer bottles ornaments and a small stage for late night entertainments. Keeping up with it’s theme, the menu is filled with all the authentic Germany cuisine, most of them consisted of pork of course. But there are also chicken and seafood for those who aren’t too fond of pork.

Original Pretzel Fresh from oven ( IDR 26.000/piece): Germany pretzel served with butter. Salted golden brown twisted bread that has crisp outside and soft inside.

Chef’s Salad (IDR 75.000): Mixed vegetables, boiled egg and ham served with house dressing. Fresh greens with sweet and tangy dressing, thin cut salty ham on top.

Crispy Pork Knuckle (IDR 265.000): Crispy rich pork skin and tender juicy meat. Served with Sauerkraut/sour cabbage,bread dumplings and gravy.

Oven Roasted Chicken (IDR 85.000): Half chicken roasted perfectly, the meat was tender and surprisingly seasoned well unlike most that I’ve tried. Served with French fries.

Bavarian Sausage Platter (IDR 250.000): 4 Nuremberg sausages, 2 Debrecener sausages, 2 Vienna sausages and 2 Thuringian sausages, served with French fries. The Nuremberg Bratwurst is made of low fat pork in a lamb skin casing. The sausages were fragrant and juicy at the same time. The Debrecener sausages has fine texture and orange-reddish color. It has a distinct aroma of Paprika, garlic and Marjoram. Vienna sausages are the ones with lighter colors, this are the ones people use most often in hotdogs. Thuringian sausages are roasted over charcoal or a grill rubbed with bacon and sometimes sprinkled with beer during grilling.

Beef Roulade (IDR 145.000): Slow braised beef rolled in natural gravy, filled with vegetables and served with red cabbage and Spatzle/Germany’s version of noodle. This is my least favorite dish because the beef was tough and tasteless.

Char grilled Pork Neck (IDR 105.000): the pork neck was marinated in beer for 24 hours, the meat was succulent and has deep flavor. Served with potato salad and white cabbage.

Crispy Seabass Fillet in Dark Beer Dough (IDR 125.000): Similar to fish and chips with extra tasty and crunchy crust. Served with potato-radish salad and sauce Remoulade/Aioli or Mayonnaise based sauce similar to Tar Tar sauce.

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Paulaner Brauhaus

Grand Indonesia Mall, East Mall,2nd Floor
Jl.MH Thamrin

Phone: (021) 23583871 / (021) 23583807

Opening Hours

Mon – Sun 11:30 AM – 12:30 AM

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