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This Italian restaurant has been opened in the neighborhood since the end of 2014 but I haven’t had the chance to try it till now. Patio is a new venture from the same people behind Plataran at Darmawangsa. Unlike Plataran which specialized in Indonesian food, Patio mainly offers Italian food. The first thing that caught my attention was the beautiful entrance arch with climbing plants, it immediately gave the ethereal feel of this place. I love how green and earthy this place is, which is a rare find in Jakarta. Beside the typical Italian restaurant interior, the big windows allowed visual to the lush garden and Koi pond outside. It created a whole new experience to an otherwise too formal fine dining. Patio Trattoria and Pizzeria also sets to host large intimate parties with spacey area and the many availability of private rooms.

Insalata di Calamari alla Griglia (IDR 119.000): Grilled calamari, rucola, tomato, parmesan, olive oil. Fresh mixed vegetables with simple dressing and delicious grilled squid on the side.

Bavette alla Primavera (IDR 149.000-Large): Linguine, king prawns, anchovies, kalamata olives, rucolla, capers, garlic confit, chili and white wine. Their menu comes in ‘Personal’ and ‘Sharing’ size, I didn’t know how big the Sharing plate was until it came and it was huge, but because it was so good, we finished it anyways. The noodle was cooked and seasoned in perfection. The same goes to the prawns. The more you chew, the deeper the flavor gets. They were fresh and succulent to the last bite.

Pizza Con Funghi (IDR 139.000): Slow roasted medley wild mushrooms, thyme and Parmesan. Very simple funghi pizza with excellent thin crust dough and finger licking good toppings. I couldn’t get enough of them.

Tartufo Bianco (IDR 69.000): White truffle chocolate fondant. Good quality chocolate that you can really taste.

Creme Caramel (IDR 59.000): A custard dessert made from whipped cream, eggs and caramel topping.This one was just average in taste and nothing to brag about.

Cassata (IDR 69.000): Frambozen, vanilla, pistachio layer ice cream with butter cake. Rich ice cream flavors, kids will love it too.

Stawberry Rhubarb Pie (IDR 69.000): A special dessert that is not on the menu, but you really have to try. Hearty,deep dish – old fashioned-style pie with crunchy crumbles on top and served with delicious Vanilla ice cream. One bite and I’m addicted.

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Patio Trattoria and Pizzeria 

Jl.Wijaya XIII No.45 
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 7241362

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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