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Pao Pao is another new entrants in the Senopati culinary row. Located a few buildings before Office 8 building if you come from Sudirman, you will find Pao Pao on the right side of the street. On the same premises, there is Arraseo, a korean contemporary restaurant, occupying the right wing of the building, while Pao Pao is on the left wing.

When I saw the exterior, places like Potato Head Folks came to mind. I figured that the interior might be going to be on the vintage side with a dimly lit lighting.



Turns out I was right. The ambiance, decoration, musics, and also the waiter’s outfits were all following the old Shanghai concept. And based on the name, they do offer liquor and dim sum accompanies with DeeJay performances during weekends.





The food menu itself is quite simple. Only selections of steamed and fried dim sum. With the goal to try their most popular items, I chose the Steamed Dim Sum Platter (IDR 125,000) consisting of 5 selections, and the Fried Dim Sum Platter (IDR 100,000) with 4 fried selections. The liquor menu, on the other hand, is quite elaborate. I decided on a mocktail which is called Lychee Little Shanghai (IDR 45,000) and a cocktail, Zen Matcha (IDR 85,000).

The Steamed platter was comprised of 4 Siumay, 4 Hargow, 4 Guotie, 2 Salted Egg Pao and 2 Char Siu Pao. I was quite surprised with the texture and taste of the Dim Sum, knowing well that most venues offering liquors usually don’t delivery good food. Each of them was quite generous in size and was juicy and sumptuous on the inside.


The Fried platter consisted of 3 Fried Dumpling, 3 Fried Taro Croquettes, 3 Prawn and Chicken wrapped in Tofu Skin, and 3 Sugar Cane Prawn Roll on a stick. The fried ones were not far off from the steamed ones in terms of quality and deliciousness. I can imagine eating these dim sums at nice authentic dim sum joints. Wonderful job from the kitchen team.


Beverage wise, I haven’t got a clue on their standards yet by drinking the ordered items that day. The mocktail with freshly pressed lychee, lime, sugar syrup, mixed with soda water, was quite alright. As for the cocktail, I guess you have to spend your own small cocktail party to really find out how the drinks there are. For me, I was looking for something fruity, light, and interesting presentation wise. But this Zen Matcha that was suggested by the waiter was way too heavy & bitter. So taste and presentation didn’t have the wow factor and good only for people who’s looking for a quick way to get drunk in my opinion.


Me coming out of the restaurant with a smile told how I felt about Pao Pao. It delivered the right goods in the right packages. Catering to dinner and liquor drinking only for young adult professionals in South Jakarta, Pao Pao offered a hip and stylish venue with splendid food and beverages to go with it.



Jl. Senopati Raya No. 16
Jakarta Selatan
Phone: 021 2751 0698

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thur 6pm – 2am
Fri-Sat 6pm – 3am


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