Author: Sassy Eater.

I just had a quickie at Olivier, Grand Indonesia. It was fast, intense, and exciting!
Don’t get me wrong. What I meant was a quickie afternoon snack tongue.

Olivier Grand Indonesia Jakarta Drink

It was started with a complimentary sourdough bread and the moreish butter which I finished in seconds.

Followed by Tortilla Chips (IDR 80K). It’s so addictive that I ordered another portion after devouring a whole plate of one. The chilli con carne with the red kidney bean balanced the chips perfectly. And the guacamole on the side was a perfection to this simple yet delightful menu.

Olivier Sourdough Bread Tortilla Chips Tapas Menu

I ordered the Wonton Chicken and Shrimps (IDR 70K). I expected it to be deep fried, so when it came out steamed I was kind of disappointed. But surprisingly it was a flavoursome menu. The wonton and the chilli oil, all hit the right spot! (At least it hit mine tongue)

Olivier Wonton Chicken and shrimp Starter Menu

For the closure I tried their Jackfruit Pavlova (IDR 70K). The meringue sticks were overly sweet to my liking, I couldn’t finish even one stick. The part that was edible for me only the jackfruit pieces and I couldn’t taste the brown sugar, the pineapple sauce and the coconut cream that were supposed to be in this dessert.

Olivier Jackfruit Pavlova Dessert Menu

Olivier itself had an elegant english tavern style and a gorgeous terraced dining area with glass ceilings and decorated with plants all over.

Olivier Grand Indonesia Jakarta Entry

Olivier Grand Indonesia Jakarta

Olivier Grand Indonesia Jakarta Reception

Olivier Grand Indonesia Jakarta Terraced Dining Area

Olivier Grand Indonesia Jakarta Dining Area

Overall, it was a sumptuous ‘quickie’. You know what they say about having a quickie now and then was a great way to spice things up and revive some of the spontaneity and excitement. But it is not advised to have quickies too often bigsmile.

So I will come back undoubtedly and spare more time to thoroughly explore Olivier’s European-Asian wide selection of starter, tapas, main course, steak, pasta-risotto and dessert and satisfy my tastebuds.



Location :

Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall
Ground Floor, West Mall
Jalan MH Thamrin no 1
Central Jakarta, Indonesia
Reservation : +62 21 2358 1242

Opening Hours :
10 am – 10 pm






  1. I wonder why all restaurant in Jakarta calling meringue, pavlova? Although both have the same basic ingredient. Meringue is crispy all the way through but pavlova is crispy/hard on the outside and soft in the middle. Just saying.

    1. Totally agree with you 🙂
      Pavlova may sounds more exotic than meringue :p
      And yes, Pavlova supposed to be more marshmallowy at the centre and less sweet.

      Thank you for your feedback, Jenny

      Sassy eater

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