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Bandung’s coffee scene has gotten more interesting with a few new coffee shops popping out this year. One of them that I like is Old Ben’s Garage & Coffee, mainly because of its concept to combine coffee shop and garage, which somehow works to create an airy, casual and homey ambiance.

With location just beside an auto shop, this garage and coffee thing blends into something attractive. I have dropped by several times since its opening, however I just recently had the opportunity to experience Old Ben in its entirety, meaning spending enough time to enjoy the aura emitted by the venue, as well as to taste several food and coffee that they have to offer.

old bens 1

old bens 2

As you can see from the shot I took inside Old Ben, it did look like a garage that was turned into a coffee shop. There is a sliding garage door that seems to function before, but not any more. It now just serves as a decoration element. The pantry bar is stationed on the left side, while tables and chairs on the other side. Besides espresso machines and grinders on the bar, they also have an open showcase for their interesting pastry products, the mini doughnuts, with quite a few flavours to offer.

old bens 3

It was a week before Christmas when I came by, so the cafe was already adorned with Christmas decorations here and there.  It was cute and instagenic.  On the back outdoor area, the side wall is decorated with a large mural on the right side, while the left side was embellished with fake door, pots and plants, and tires.

old bens 4

old bens 5

old bens 6

On the beverage side, I tried one of the specialty teas, Banana Flamble (IDR 22k). I was not too fond of this one. It was probably not my kind of flavour. As it is a coffee shop, I naturally ordered coffee to gauge their seriousness on the business. Their cafe latte turned out to be smooth with balanced body and taste. I quite liked it.

Cafe Latte (IDR 24k) – espresso, steamed milk, and thin froth.
old bens 7

Acai Berry Bowl (IDR 40k) – super food acai berry blend with berries, banana and honey topped with mix seed granola, dried coconuts and fruits. This healthy option was both nutritional and refreshing. I would surely order it again on my next visit.
old bens 8

Ben’s Big Breakfast (IDR 60k) – eggs your way with beef bacon, breakfast sausages, toasts, sauteed mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, and spinach. I would say that it is one of decent big breakfast in the city. I liked the texture and taste of the overall ingredients, especially the eggs, sausages and the sauteed mushrooms.
old bens 9

Neighbour Ned (IDR 45k) – Poached eggs, cheddar croquettes, bacon, and pea puree. The poached eggs were boiled with the right doneness. It was runny when I cut the yolk open. Overall, the combination of eggs, croquettes and bacon on pea puree sure worked magic. It was uncommon and pretty, definitely my kind of brekkie.
old bens 10

Ballad O’ Roll (IDR 65k) – Crispy twice cooked pork with coleslaw in warm asian baguette and “Sambalado” topping, served with Hand Cut Potatoes. It was just alright for me. The sambalado topping helped bring the dish to a delightful level.
old bens 11

Beef Bourguignon (IDR 75k) – Slow cooked beef marinated in wine sauce. This holiday menu was definitely the winner. The beef was tender with delish sauce.
old bens 12

Strawberry Pavlova (IDR 35k) – Smashed pavlova with fresh strawberries, whipped cream, rose water syrup, ice cream, and toasted pistachio. This unique creation was my favourite dessert of the day. The pavlova constructed from meringue and watermelon was a delight.
old bens 13

Matcha Fondant Cake (IDR 38k) – This cake was soft with a filling of oozing matcha cream and strawberry, vanilla ice cream on the side.
old bens 14

Mini doughnuts (IDR 7k) with various flavours. They offer 3 new doughnut flavours for this holiday season: apple pie, red velvet, and caramel with honey comb. They offer the remaining mini doughnuts at 50% off after 8.30 PM.
old bens 15

I think Old Ben is a nice addition for coffee lovers in Bandung. It is like your neighbourhood coffee shop, where you can just drop by before or after work to have a sip of good coffee, while also having some food and desserts from their menu.

Old Ben’s Garage and Coffee
Jl. Terusan Sutami No. 23


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