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We have grown to love Korean food and culture throughout the years and now a days it’s easier to find them all over Jakarta. Mujigae in Lippo Mall Kemang has an appealing look from the get go…the outside seats in front is a smart way to lure people that are passing by. I went there mainly because the tempting street food they offer. Their modern booth seats with self ordering also is a plus. You’ll just have to use the tablet to look at menus, order, and ask for a server-available on all their tables. Although the food was served expressly, it seems that the waitress was still confused of taking orders such as getting condiments (in fact I never got it). Oh well.. Nobody’s perfect.

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About the menus, Mujigae offers tempting Korean delicacies that we’ve grown to love such as Bibimbap , Korean BBQ and Toppoki, all in personal/mini sizes.. Not enough for sharing (even for girls).

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Paket Dosirak 2 (IDR 38.182): FYI Dosirak is Korean name for Lunch set menu/Bento. This one comes with rice, Kimchi, Bulgogi, Tamago (rolled omelette),Fried Chicken and Fried Artificial Crab. The bulgogi was cooked nicely, average quality of beef, the sauce was sweet and tangy quite good, the only concern for me that it wasn’t served hot enough..a little cold even. The fried side dishes tasted mediocre too.


Paket Chicken 3 (IDR  34.546): Rice, Kimchi, Korean style fried chicken, Chapchae (Korean glass noodle). The fried chicken has a thick and hard coating (not my favorite),the sauce was sweet and just okay. The Chapchae has a nice texture and seasonings too.

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Classic Spicy Ramyun & Fried Chicken (IDR 40.000): Again,the noodle came in a small personal sized bowl, it’s actually cute. The noodle was soft,has a little bit of shredded beef and egg mix, the soup was spicy, overall it was average and nothing to be excited about.

I wasn’t too fond of Mujigae’s food, it’s mostly just regular fast food with a fine dining gimmick-if I may say. One good side to add is that the price range is very affordable. Could be good for those of you who love the experience of it.


Lippo Mall Kemang
Jl. Pangeran Antasari No.36
South Jakarta – 12150

Phone: (021) 29528391

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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