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Growing up in North Jakarta has left me with a very distinctive taste in Chinese style hawker food, especially noodles. It has a positive and negative effect on being a Southern Jakarta resident, the downside is being very picky on finding a really good noodle eatery place with Halal stamp on it. I’m not saying that all Non Pork noodles are bad, in fact I’ve found some really good ones around the area.

I’ve noticed that Bakmi Gondangdia has just opened in Barito area, it’s the exact place where Ny.Ali cakes used to reside. I’ve never really tasted it but have heard of this Menteng based eatery before. Founded in 1968, this noodle place doesn’t just serve noodles,but also other Chinese cuisine such as Ayam Kuluyuk (Fried chicken with Sweet and sour sauce), Nasi Tim (Chinese Indonesian steamed chicken rice) and many more.





Because the noodle is their staple dish, I’ve decided to order just that. Mie Ayam (IDR 24.000): Yellow wheat noodle with diced chicken meat and mushrooms toppings and chicken broth soup on the side. The noodle was thin, flat and has a soft texture. I was disappointed of the bland taste on the noodle and the toppings. Overall it was as mediocre as it gets (for my taste).

Mie Ayam Bakso (IDR 31.500): The same noodle with meatball soup on the side. The bakso was ordinary and nothing to brag about.

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Pangsit Goreng (IDR 22.000): Five pieces of fried wonton with minced chicken filling. The wonton skin was a little thick for my liking, the filling was quite tasty.


Brokoli Cah Ayam (IDR 40.000): Pan fried Broccoli with chicken Chinese style. I like how it wasn’t overly seasoned and tasted really close to home style cooking.


As it turns out, Gondangdia’s noodle wasn’t as great as I was expected it to be. But there must be a reason for it’s being around for so many years. Maybe next time it’s a good idea for me to visit the original place in Cikini.


Mie Ayam Gongdangdia

Jl. Kramat Pela No.11 (Barito II)
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 7267466

Opening Hours:

Mon-Thur 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Fri-Sun 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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