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If you were one of the ‘IONist’ (you may not find this word in any search engine, since i just made it up tongue) you must be aware of this eatery with its open concept, located in the middle of the 3rd floor at ION Orchard.

Marmalade Pantry Ion Orchard

The Marmalade Pantry Ion Orchard

Most of the time I came here, it’s always crowded. But we cannot judge the taste from the crowd, right ?

There are some pretty fanatic reviews of their desserts, and after I came here several times for their desserts, here what i find decent and what i find so-so.

Since I’m a huge fan of carrot cake, I tried the Marmalade Carrot Cake (S$9/slice). The thick hard cream cheese came as a thin layer instead of a soft cream cheese in a thick layer that is more to my liking. But the cake itself was moist and not tooth achingly sweet and I liked how the walnuts and carrot shreds generously embedded.

I liked how the Caramelized Pear Bread Pudding (S$14) was wrapped in filo pastry, which gave it a nice crunch in contrast to the softness of the pudding. The yummy nut brittle and the seasalt caramel sauce was divine.

The Sticky Date and Toffee Pudding (S$14) was good, but it didn’t have the ‘wow’ factor to elevate its status.

Marmalade Pantry Caramelized Pear Bread Pudding Carrot Cake

Marmalade Pantry Sticky Date Toffee Pudding

Their Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge Cake ($9/slice) was heated up before serving so then the chocolate fudge flew out even before I sliced it. I have a weakness to melting chocolate and a traditional chocolate cake, so for me this cake was divine.
Recommendation : the portion and the richness is seriously meant to be shared for two, or three.

Marmalade Fudge Chocolate Cake

Enough about the desserts, let’s talk about the main course. Yeah you didn’t hear me wrong. In my world, always dessert first, then main course. laughing

Their Marmalade Club (S$22) which was a sandwich with honey baked ham, roast chicken, egg, gem lettuce and roma tomatoes blended perfectly. And I asked for truffle fries for the side, and it was tasty and moreish !!

Marmalade Pantry Club Sandwich

The Beef Burger (S$28) consisted of 150 gr patty which I ordered well done, was a little dry to my liking. And I didn’t fancy the wasabi mayonaisse spread on the bread. But the truffle fries that came as a side was great !

Marmalade Pantry Beef Burger

The Pork Chop (S$32) came with mashed potatoes, apple compote, crisp sage, spinach and bacon fat split juice. The pork chop paired well with a chunky compote that was full of flavour.

Marmalade Pantry Pork Chop

So summing up my experience here at Marmalade Pantry, Ion Orchard, was not that simple. Mostly I enjoyed the ambience whenever I came here for brunch, lunch and merely dessert  but the way-above-average price with a slightly-better-only quality is a downfall for me.


Marmalade Pantry

Location :
#03-22 ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801
+65 6734 2700

Opening Hours :
Daily : 10 am – 10 pm




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