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As a spicy food lover, I love Padang food and its variety of dishes. Marco Kitchen has recently just opened in Plaza Indonesia (taking up the spot that used to be Santuka Ramen). I’ve never eaten in any of Chef Marco Lim’s restaurants and I don’t know what to expect from this high-end version of Padang cuisine. I was immediately struck by it’s pretty and fancy interior. The details like the paintings on the brick-exposed wall and the decorations of the eatery is modern and fun, all reminiscence of Indonesian childhood. The menu is also colorful and blooming with fun things to read and see. Mostly Padang food of course, but also Indonesian fusion cuisine all created with Chef Marco’s vision and creativity.

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Roti Cane Kari Kambing (IDR 30.000): Canai bread served with lamb gulai. Although the portion was really small, it has the right crunch, buttery and the curry was full of flavor.


Sate Udang Panggang Pacak (IDR 65.000): Shrimp satay marinated with special sauce, grilled with Pacak technique which is seasoned with turmeric, shredded coconut, coconut milk and Cymbopogon. Five pieces of grilled shrimp satay, some are sadly undercooked. The flavor was just average.


Rusuk Panggang (IDR 70.000): Chef’s Marco signature menu of Australian beef ribs grilled with traditional technique. The real dish is completely different than the beautiful picture in the menu. I like the sambal coating but the seasonings wasn’t soaked deep enough and the meat was a little bland for my taste.


Sayo Daun Singkong (IDR 14.000): Padang special Cassava leaves cooked with coconut milk. Very tiny bowl of Cassava leaves curry. I like the strong and fragrant flavor.


Ayam Lado Ijo (IDR 28.000): Grilled chicken with green chili sauce. One piece of Padang style chicken. It’s savory and tasty, just wish it had more sambal on top.


Dendeng Kering Lado Merah (IDR 30.000): Meat jerky with red chili. Crunchy thin sliced beef, nicely made sambal.

Although I know that this is a gourmet version of Padang food, I didn’t get the satisfactory that I was expected. Then again..maybe it was just my different kind of appetite. I guess at the end, it’s the experience that’s counts.

Marco Padang

Plaza Indonesia 5th Flr.
Jl. M. H. Thamrin No.28-30
Central Jakarta 10350

Phone: (021) 2922 4290

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