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This recently opened western fusion bistro was located just beside the office of Sidola Computer, a long standing personal computer provider in Bandung. The restaurant was conceptualized as a bistro and art gallery, therefore front rooms of the restaurant was set up as a gallery of paintings.

Upon entering the bistro, I could sense the modern ambiance emitted through this industrial contemporary interior. It has two floors with the second floor functioning as a loft. Despite its small space, the layout and arrangement were set up properly to generate cozy atmosphere for the visitors.



Seremoni (IDR 24,000) – This blend of Lemongrass Lemon Lychee drink was great.

Garlic Butter Escargot (IDR 38,000) – Presentation was quite nice with each escargots stacked on top of mushrooms and garlic breads and placed in a straight line on a long plate. It was cooked alright, however it was a bit too salty.

Wine Sous-vide Strawberry Salad (IDR 28,000) – The flavour and dressings were proper. I enjoyed it.

Lumiere Duck Confit (IDR 85,000) – It was nicely cooked and the duck meat was tender, but it could be seasoned better to bring out the flavours.

Lumiere Ox Tongue Don (IDR 55,000) – It was definitely too salty and too sweet. I am sorry to say that I could not finish this one.

Lumiere Panna Cotta (IDR 28,000) – the panna cotta itself is fine, unfortunately the mango coulis was much too sweet and syrupy.






My verdict for this new entrant in Bandung culinary is clear. I like the venue, however the food needs major improvements. I would surely try to make time to visit it again in a few months, hopefully to see a better taste on the food. 🙂


LUMIERE Bistro & Art Gallery
Jl. Purnawarman 48
Bandung, Indonesia


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