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This review is not just for tea lovers who’s based in Jakarta like me, but also for foodies and dessert lovers too (also like me). When you hear the word ‘Tea House’ you’ll think that’s what they mainly serve here. Well you are not totally wrong cause they do have teas And serve many kinds of food too.

First of all..I’ll tell you about the eatery. It’s pretty easy to find and I fell in love with the ambiance at the first sight. The spacious, bright,all white and minimalist interior gave out such a tranquility state. It’s really is a good place to relax and enjoy your calming tea, so to speak. I also found out that they have Yoga classes on the top floor, pretty nice combination to get both relaxation for your body and soul.

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About the Tea..Lewis and Carroll serves both local and import products. As we settled on our table, the waitress brought a tray full of delightful looking test tubes full with colorful tea leaves. To be honest,I’m a tea lover that’s very sensitive to caffeine, so I chose the Non-Caffeinated Safari Sunset Signature (IDR 30.303): This one is light with a hint of Papaya and herbals.


Spring Harvest Heritage (IDR 47.619): Bergamon, Indonesian sencha,mate, rose petal. Also light flavored, with more floral and herbs fragrant.

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Now let’s get to the food. We started with Japanese Salad (IDR 43.290): Mixed green lettuce, wakame, and sliced green apple with sour apple dressing. Light crisp mixed salad with savory dressing. It’s so good, we finished it in seconds.


Fedora (IDR 69.264): Linguine with prawns and creamy tomato sauce. Lovely presentation. It does resembles a little like a Fedora hat. The pasta was too soft for my liking. The sauce was light, seasoned well and I really like the prawns. Overall an average dish.


Chicken Lou’s Sandwich (IDR 60.606): Focaccia bread, lettuce, tomato, grilled chicken breast, beef bacon, brie, mozzarella with honey mustard. Love the fluffy Focaccia bread, the chicken was moist, flavorful with really delicious cheese topping.


Banana Nutella French Toast (IDR 47.619): They have superb bread here that has made this one a winner. The toast was light with thinly crisp crust with strong Cinnamon flavor that I love. The Chai tea ice cream has a perfect texture and was a delight!


Chocolate Vanilla Eclair (IDR 43.290): The eclair has a lovely crust, the dough was soft and fresh. I also like the custard-like filling. The marzipan layer wasn’t my favorite, it was too heavy for an eclair in my opinion.


So far I had a fantastic and delicious time in Lewis and Carroll. The food was almost perfect and the tea was superb. Absolutely my recommended new place to chill and thrill.

Lewis and Carroll Tea

Jl. Bumi No.4
Kebayoran Lama
South Jakarta – 12120

Phone: (021) 2702660

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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