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This ‘lady’ …. is well known for ‘her Mille Crepes. (FYI, Mille Crepes is a classic French cake consisting of no less than 20 layers of paper thin crepes, each separated and layered with a light pastry creme). But it’s not the quality that attracted me in the first place actually. It’s the stylish, elegant, bright, high-ceilinged spacious place, looking like no other  cake shops in Singapore.

lady M 1

lady M 2

lady M 3

First time I came here for brunch, was with my girl friend. It was a weekday and we came early. So it was quiet compared to the usual crowd here with the super long queue and hours of waiting for table.

We had two portion of  Mushroom Soup (S$10). It was said that the Shimeji, Button and Shiitake mushroom are aged for two days, which I  devoured in every spoonful I took. I could taste its intensely flavoured, bursting with beautifully earthy flavour.

We also shared the The Lady’s Benedict (S$12) which was actually an Eggs Benedict, with a choice of smoked salmon or turkey ham with brown butter hollandaise, in between toasted muffins and soft poached eggs. I found the Lady’s Benedict was quite decent, in fact it’s better than some other eggs benedicts in cafes serving brunch in Singapore.

lady M 4

The coffee we had that morning didn’t leave a strong impression. I think ‘her coffee was not ‘her forte.

Second time I came here with hubby, wanted to spend a lovely tea time in mind. Beautiful cakes all in row, elegantly displayed behind glass pane. It’s like shopping for jewellery…. which was not (Sigh) tongue

We had their  Chocolate Mille Crepes (S$9/slice), which was exclusive to the Orchard Central outlet. It’s pretty, it’s fluffy, and it’s quite good… but it stopped there. I couldn’t feel the oooohhhrgasmic feeling I usually have when I savour a luscious cake. On the contrary, hubby liked it, said it’s the best mille crepes so far. (To be honest, I still prefer Indonesian ‘mille crepes’ aka kueh lapis. Maybe it’s just me, because I’m a HUGE fan of Indonesian kueh lapis tongue)

I also had this Very Berry (S$9.50) which looked pretty to me, but was very disappointing since I was expecting sweet buttery crust pastry that I couldn’t find here.

The Banana Mille Feuille (S$8.50/slice) was even worse. It took me more time than usual to shoot a picture of this cake. It’s quite a challenge to find an appealing look from this slice of cake. And I merely tasted the whole heap of whipped cream, that overwhelmed the banana, the vanilla sponge cake, and the flaky puff pastry.

lady M 5

The third time I came here was Sunday morning, and when I arrived, the shop was not open yet but my watch showed 11.05 am, and people started to make a line.  It’s obvious the crew was not prepared at their own stated opening time. There were about 6 tables seated, and everybody waited for around 30 minutes to get their drinks. And I got mine, 1 slice of the Signature Mille Crepes and 1 slice of the Checkers 45 minutes after I placed my order. I could sense impatience built in from all around me. One lady sat beside my table even uttered “chop-chop” to the waitress for not being agile enough. (Chop-chop means “hurry, hurry” and suggests that something should be done now without any delay. And from my experience, that utterance “chop-chop” was almost always said by someone powerful to someone “below”) I felt pity for the waitress. sad

Anyway, let’s talk about the cakes that I had. Hmmm… can’t wait to tell you how I enjoyed my cakes that morning.

The Signature Mille Crepes (S$8.50/slice) was better than the previous Chocolate Mille Crepes I  tried. I could taste the slightly chewy texture of the crepe, and the melting-delicately-inside-your-mouth cream, and the hint of caramel… Gorgeous… lovestruck

The Checkers (S$9.00/slice). It was a very visually-intriguing good cake chequered with vanilla and cocoa sponge, coated with the intense yet smooth ganache chocolate.

And it’s closed flawlessly with two hot cups of tea of English Breakfast (S$5/pot).

lady M 6

Will I be back ?

Yes ! I’m counting down to my next indulgence time.


Lady M

Location 1 :

Orchard Central Shopping Mall
181 Orchard Road, #01-27 and #02-07
Singapore 238896
+65 65093673

Opening Hours : Daily 11 am – 10 pm


Location 2 :

One Fullerton
1 Fullerton road #01-10
Singapore 049213
+65 68200830

Opening Hours :
Sunday – Thursday and Public Holidays : 11 am – 11 pm
Friday – Saturday and Eve of Public Holidays : 11 am – 12 night




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