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During a bali trip, promoted by MakanLuar.Com, an online restaurant reservation system in Indonesia, I was introduced to another Mexican food joint that I found to be interesting. Lacalaca, a Mexican canteen located in close proximity to the hippest area in Seminyak, provides popular mexican food with a progressive take on the cuisine.

When I heard that my next culinary destination was Lacalaca, colorful interior with drawings of mexican-style art on the wall immediately came to mind. It was proven to be right as you can see in the interior pictures below. I have quite a few dining experiences at Mexican restaurant and to tell you the truth, I grew fonder of the cuisine as it was progressing. As a matter of fact, mexican cuisine has been growing its popularity globally and I can understand why. Its casual-style dining, light tasty snacks and refreshing ingredients used on each dish are the main contributor to its prevailing trend.

lacalaca bali 1

lacalaca bali 2

The place is not big per say, but it is not small either. I would say it’s just right for a canteen. The colorful drawings on the wall and the furnitures was well balanced to emit the mexican casual dining ambiance it was projected to be. Since I came by in the late afternoon, I can only share what I felt during the visit. It was enjoyable even before I tasted any food or drinks. I can imagine the atmosphere it would provide during dinner time.

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In a Mexican food joint, there are always great beverage concoctions to accompany your meal session. This time was not an exception. I was served several beverages from both mocktail and cocktail categories.

Lacalaca Margarita (IDR 90K) – this margarita was served in a short glass with wider mouth. The infusion consists of jalapeno, agave tequila, lemon and triple sec. The taste was refreshingly spicy with a hint of sweetness and sourness. It’s surprisingly good, love this one!

El Draque Mojito Estilo Mexicano (IDR 105K) – this viva mexico blend was served in a tall glass with mint leaves in it. It was made with pure sugarcane juice, 4 mints, lime, organic rainforest sumbawa honey, Herradura Plata, Angostura bitters, crystal ice ball. Considering myself as a mojito drinker, I had several sips of this cocktail, or more like gulps 🙂

Sandia (IDR 30K) – this red colored drink is from the Aguas Frescas section of its beverage menu. Consisting of watermelon, lime, water and sugar, the non alcoholic drink was a good choice to quench your thirst from the heat of the city.

lacalaca bali 9

lacalaca bali 10

As amuse bouche of the meal, we were served this nicely presented dish of pumpkin soup with chorizo migas. I quickly put one spoonful of it into my mouth and the taste was great. As a culinary enthusiast, I often met with food mix that I have never tried before, and this is one of them.
lacalaca bali 11

Tostadiitas – this 4 toasted mini corn tortillas is perfect to share. Two types of tostaditas that we had was
Atun (IDR 55K) – seared tuna, guacamole, chipotle mayo
Pollo Cacahuete (IDR 55K) – lime crema, roasted peanut grilled chicken and cucumber salsa

lacalaca bali 12

Camarones (IDR 115K) – these three soft flour tortillas or so called tacos was topped with marinated prawns and cucumber salsa.
lacalaca bali 13

Churros (IDR 35K) – this dessert is self-explanatory. Everybody knows churros right? It is a light, and sweet fried pastries with a molten chocolate dipping sauce. The churros was lightly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside as it’s supposed to be.
lacalaca bali 14

I was pleased with Lacalaca in terms of the overall experience, including the ambiance and the food and drinks enjoyment part of it. It would definitely made another good choice if you are looking for a Mexican food establishment in Seminyak.


No. 1 Jl. Drupadi, Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 822 4731 2218

Open Hours : Mon – Fri from 10:30 am – Midnight, Weekends from 8am



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