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La Madame is a new Indonesian restaurant plus hair salon and boutique at MSL House There’s No name sign on the outside beside the huge ‘Hang Tuah No.8’ so that’s what you should be looking for when you’re visiting the place. The restaurant looks like a gem from the get go.. All white Colonial styled two stories building on a street corner. The white door entrance is also very welcoming and as I walked in, a huge portrait of a pretty lady at the entrance caught my eye. The inside is sleek,bright with accent of flowery furniture to added the sweetness. There’s also a private room with a colorful mural and the cutest ceiling I’ve ever seen…a giant Sempoa/ Abacus. That’s not all, the terrace / smoking area is also worth the mention because of the gorgeous glass house look.

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The menu is a different story all together. They have fun and interesting names for all the Indonesian/Peranakan menu. These are some of the things that I ordered and tasted today:

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Rujak Madame (IDR 68.700): Cured preserved vegetables in peanut sauce served with noodles, potato, lettuce, cucumber and fried tofu. The salad has more noodle than vegetables, but the peanut sauce was thick, rich and flavorful.


Bakso Goreng Ooh (IDR 48.700): Two pieces of Indonesian style fried meatballs. They use chicken instead of pork meat and the taste was pretty good considering it’s Halal. The outside was crunchy and the inside has a nice bouncy texture.

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Noodle Taupe (IDR 76.700): Rubbery textured noodle, my favorite one as a matter a fact,too bad it’s bland for my taste, it was okay if you eat it with the salty soup. The chicken was dry and overcooked. P.S.: Cute bowl,huh!


Nasi Campur Peranakan (IDR 87.700): White rice with braised chicken in spicy coconut sauce, spicy assorted giblets, Tauco sauced tofu, and fried fresh chili. The beef Empal was dry and tasteless, the chicken was just okay, I like the sambal goreng and the stir fried vegetables. Those were tasty.


Nasi Nona Manis (IDR 78.700): Fragrant rice cooked in coconut oil and pandan leaf, spiced egg, spicy braised beef, fried mashed potato, fried chicken, fried tofu, diced scrambled egg, cucumber and fried Sambal. The chicken was average, the Rendang was pretty good and tender. Overall just okay dish.

Here’s my personal note, judging by the first time I went to La Madame restaurant. With many other Indonesian restaurants with different price ranges, there’s nothing really stood out about La Madame-but the appealing interior, but could it gain it’s own loyal customers? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


La Madame

MSL House

Jl. Hang Tuah Raya No.8
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 27510583

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