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One thing you must not pass to do during a stay at a resort is experiencing the spa services they have to offer. During my stay at Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua Bali, I managed to squeeze it into my schedule and I was thrilled to share the experiences with you. The name of the spa is Kriya Spa, which is located a bit further to the left side of the hotel entrance, making it a bit far from my room. I was wondering at the time why they place the spa so far from the main hotel area, why they do not just place it at the lobby area. Read on to find out why.

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After we arrived there, we were served cold drinks while browsing through their spa services menu. I decided to try the Cinta Kriya – Bliss spa package at the price of US$205++ since it came highly recommended for couples. The length of the services is approximately 3 hours that includes spa body treatments, deep tissue massage, acupressure scalp massage as well as aromatic salts hydro soak, at the privacy of their private spa villa.

When we were done with the drinks, the therapists took us to a small private villa named “Chempaka” with an outdoor jacuzzi and a small pool bath. After exchanging into spa robes, we had our feet bathed with salt and then we were ushered to the spa bed to have the treatments and massages. It was downright the most effective de-stressor to let your body and mind rest from all the franticness that surrounds our daily life. I have the luxury to experience quite a few spa treatments before and I could share with you and assure you with confident the level of professionalism shown by the therapists of Kriya Spa. As if the treatments were not enough, it was followed with a salt soak with floral bubble bath at the jacuzzi. And while we were there, they served us herbal tea and fresh fruits to stimulate metabolism. The spa was ended with a plunge to the pool and a shower bath to clean the oil and bubbles from our body.

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At the end of the spa session, the therapists put bracelets on our hands. This rope bracelets were given a drop of the oil that we chose during the massage. In my case, it is the purity oil with detoxification purpose. Hence it allowed me to continue experiencing the relaxing scent even after the session ended.

Serenity and the feeling of seclusion from everything else enhanced this spa encounter to another level. After the treatments, I began to understand the value of solitudes in a spa service. It was well worth it and I stand by my opinion to always spare some time to pamper yourself by spending relaxing time at the spa during your resort stay and you will be surprised with how it revives your positive energy.

Kriya Spa at Grand Hyatt Bali
Grand Hyatt Hotel and Resorts
Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Phone: +62 361 77 8884


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