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One day in my life as a Southern Jakartanian food blogger,I visited Kedoya area. Although I have no clue about this area, fortunately I have informative friends who are. Based on their recommendation, I take a sip of Koultoura Coffee. I love the look of the coffee shop from the get go. It has a playful, young colorful and playful spirit plus rustique look. The otherwise simple two level building is decorated with cute illustrations and cartoonish mural, including the smart use of old recycle things that’s very creative. I could easily spend many hours here without a hitch. Too bad I’ve just had my lunch and only had space for dessert and drinks. But I still like to share my experience of this place to you guys, our foodie lovers.:-)

Iced Latte (IDR 33.000): Lovely served latte in a jar, pretty good although a little too bitter for me.

Pink Lemonade : The lemonade has very little lemon juice, mostly just syrup.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake (IDR 35.000): Moist rich chocolate cake, with gooey sticky yummy -I can’t get enoigh of- caramel and lovely crunchy crust.

Black Russian Pie (IDR 35.000): Layers of chocolate rum sauce, coffee, marshmallows, and chocolate cookie crunch bottom. Tasted and had the texture like panna cotta.

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Koultoura Coffee

Taman Ratu Indah AA2/33
Kebon Jeruk
West Jakarta

Phone: (021) 29520310

Opening Hours

Mon – Sun 9:00 AM – 10.00 PM

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