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Having only been around for 4 months, Komunal88 is one of the newest, most happening, and interesting coffee shop and eatery in Kemang area. With the earthy-wooden and rocks- interior, and market-like diplays, the interior gave the whole homey-organic feel right from the start. I love how you immediately feel like being ‘teleported’ to another place (rather than super busy Jakarta) as soon as you step inside. The concept of open kitchen, separated coffee bar and the many organic and healthy products are also what interesting about this place. A nice ambience to escape from your everyday routine.

Komunal 88 Salad (IDR 75.000) : Baby greens and crudités mosaic, caramelized walnuts and shallots with balsamic reduction and extra virgin DOP Umbria olive oil. Some of the veggies were too bitter to me, the simple dressing was refreshing.

Seabass Roulade (IDR 185.000): Slow-cooked with Italian herbs, served with mashed potatoes. There was a very strong fishy smell even before I tasted it. And to make matters worse,I found fish bone inside, so I regretfully sent it back to the kitchen and canceled the order because they couldn’t delivered a new one.

Green Tagliatelle (IDR 95.000) : with octopus, clams and calamari, black olive paste. Deliciously seasoned, beautifully presented with fresh lovely seafood.Finally…something that I really enjoyed!

Chocolate Eclair (IDR 45.000): The choux dough was too thick and hard for me, but I love the super delicious rich chocolaty filling.

Lemon Meringue Pie (IDR 22.000): I have a very sensitive tastebud and this one had a strong egg smell that I couldn’t tolerate. The pie crust was too thick and heavy too. It just wasn’t my favorite.

Macadamia Cake (IDR 65.000) : I was in love with this cake from the first bite. The sponge cake was light, and the butter frosting was perfectly balanced with the cake.And I could really taste the nuts too. Superb.

Hazelnut Cake (IDR 75.000) : Almost identical to the Macadamia Cake, but this one has a hint of coffee in it. Also super tasty and addicting.

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Ampera Six Building
Jl.Ampera Raya No.6
South Jakarta
Ragunan-Pasar Minggu 12510

Phone: (021) 719 4673

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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