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Koiki Eatery is tucked-in quietly at the end of Senopati St. , somewhat across the street from Pao Pao dimsum. It’s located inside Senopati Suites Apartment and can be easily spotted with it’s large road sign in front of the building. Although it looks small, this eatery has 2 levels, below is the Non-smoking area with it’s sushi bar and on top is the larger smoking area dining floor. The minimalist yet very clean Japanese looking place is cozy. The contents of their menu is quite outstanding, with Omakase, many choices of ala carte, bentos, set menus, kids menu and also plenty of dessert to choose from (which is quite rare to find in a Japanese fine dining such as this one).

Wagyu Curry Salad (IDR 200.000): Beef Wagyu and vegetables with curry dressing. The beef Wagyu was thin, fresh and you could see the beautiful marble fat that’s comes with it. I love a strong curry and this one caught my attention. The sour and tangy dressing really worked well with the savory beef.

Sushi Aburi Mix (IDR 500.000): Tuna, shrimp, fresh water eel, yellow tail, Wagyu beef sushi and Osuimono soup (clear soup similar to Miso soup). The sushi rice was perfectly presented, and all the ingredients were in good quality.

Hotate Garlic Butter Yaki (IDR 264.000): Grilled scallops with garlic and butter. Beautiful presentation, the scallops were cooked nicely with golden brown crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. You could taste the natural sweetness of the scallops.

Koiki Dessert Sampler (IDR 52.000): A mix of 3 kinds of Japanese dessert: Goma Dango (Sesame dumplings), Cream Anmitsu ( Japanese jelly served with sweet Azuki beanpaste and Vanilla ice cream) and Mochi with red bean fillings. The Goma Dango was bland for my taste, but the other ones were tasty.

Koiki Chocolate Melt (IDR 62.000): Vanilla ice cream, mix fruits and warm chocolate cake. I almost skipped on this one because it’s so typical dessert that you could find in just about any restaurant in Jakarta, but there’s something different about Koiki’s Chocolate Melt. The chocolate itself was super rich and you can tell, just by a single bite, that it’s made from the highest quality of chocolate. The added fruits also a plus to balance the richness of the chocolate.

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Koiki Eatery

Senopati Suites Apartment
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 40
Senopati, South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 29248351

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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