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During my stay at a hotel in Robertson Quay neighborhood a few months ago, I decided to have breakfast and coffee at a coffee shop I visited a few years back. As I was looking for it and could not spot it, I realized that the place that used to have that coffee shop had gone and was under huge building renovation into another high rise building complex.

I was feeling a bit disappointed, when I passed by this tiny cafe on the way back to the hotel which I have also heard before somewhere, so I thought why not pay it a visit.

kith cafe 1 \

kith cafe 5

kith cafe 2

The place was quite small with just the counter and no seating area inside, so they put their tables outside. I decided to order one of their breakfast menu and a cup of cappuccino.

Cajun Scrambled Eggs (S$14.00) – choice of toast, eggs scrambled with smoked bratwurst, capsicum, onions, chilli, mozzarella, black truffle. The scramble eggs was cooked just fine. However, it did not have the extra jolt on the flavor side. And the most unfortunate thing was the toast was neither crunchy nor soft. It was more on the soggy side.

Cappuccino (S$4.00) – the cappuccino was balanced in texture and taste. And the latte art was neat. Loved it.

kith cafe 3

kith cafe 4

Kith cafe with name that defines its philosophy that Kith was built upon a group of people living in the same area and forming a culture with a common language, customs, economy, etc., focus on creating a kith experience with good coffee, good food and food company.

Since the opening of their first outlet, Kith has grown to have 3 outlets in different neighborhoods of Singapore.

However, to me personally, their food and their service was lacking the quality and the friendliness I expected from a Singapore neighborhood brunch cafe. At least, that’s what I experience from the outlet at Robertson Quay. The coffee was great though.


Kith Cafe
7 Rodyk Street
Watermark @ Robertson Quay #01-33
Singapore 238215
+65 6341 9407

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 7am – 4pm
Sat-Sun 7am – 6pm

Park Mall
9 Penang Rd. #01-01E

Opening hours:
Daily 8am – 10pm
Closed on Monday

Sentosa Cove (Quayside Isle)
31 Ocean Way #01-08

Opening hours:
Daily 8am – 10pm
Closed on Tuesday

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