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Coffee’s a fresh one for you… Kanawa Coffee and Munch is a new coffee shop in Senopati area, located just across Three Wise Monkeys restaurant. You’ll spot the two stories building with a large blue sign right away. The menu here is simple but variable, the wifi is quite strong and the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. There’s a touch of manly stuff with the display of automobile and motorcycles inside. It’s obvious that this place is attracting business and large parties with the availability of large private/function room upstairs.

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It was lunch time so I went ahead and try some of their dishes:


Caesar Salad (IDR 55.000): Mixed greens, boiled egg, grilled chicken, topped with croutons and Caesar dressing. Overly creamy dressing and it tasted weird like sour cream. The chicken was okay though.


Dory Matah Rice (IDR 60.000): Rice and Dory topped with shallot, lemon grass and chili. The Dori fillet was tasty, the sambal was fragrant and bold. Too bad the fish and the rice portion wasn’t balanced. It’s a pile of rice with tiny piece of fish.


Apple Crumble Crepes (IDR 43.000): Apple and raisin compote, Almond and Walnut strusel/crumble with sweet apple cinnamon sauce and single scoop of ice cream. Love the thin and light crepes, the apple pieces were flavorful without loosing it’s crunch. The crumbs were delicious too.

Americano Coffee (IDR 28.000) : Their local coffee was strong, has the acidity that you can taste. Pretty decent coffee.

My first impression of Kanawa Coffee and Munch was alright, wasn’t too impressed with the food but it wasn’t a complete failure either. It’s pretty much an average experience, if you ask me.
Kanawa Coffee and Munch

Jl. Suryo No.23
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 2970 4982 / 2970 4344

Opening Hours:

Mon – Thurs 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Fri – Sat 9:00 AM – Midnight
Sun 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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