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Ivy, a sister restaurant of Monty’s just opened a few days ago. Situated just a stone throw away from Plataran restaurant Dharmawangsa, this restaurant is easy to spot. The interior, furniture and vibe is looking fairly similar to Monty’s at Senopati, both stylish but more intimate-with outdoor terrace and less seat capacity than the other-but still offering the ideal experience for both young and old. The menu is also a  reflection of Monty’s with more laid back -comfort dishes and the addition of Asian flair.

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Quinoa Salad (IDR 85.000): Mesclun, quinoa, roasted bell pepper, ricotta and Balsamic dressing. Healthy food doesn’t necessarily mean bad taste, this dish proves that. The vegetable was fresh and crisp, the quinoa topping was creamy with rich flavor. Simply good.


Salmon and Arugula Angel Hair (IDR 115.000): The pasta was delicate and melts in your mouth, the seasonings on the Parmesan cream sauce was perfect, rich without being overthrown. The salmon was also tasty, and there’s the wonderful natural saltiness from the Salmon roe. My only concern was the single fish bone that I found. Other than that, it’s a powerful and delicious dish.


Kakap Bakar Sambal Matah (IDR 165.000): Nicely cooked Snapper fillet with spicy and tangy Balinese raw Sambal topping. I couldn’t get enough of the sambal, it gives a crunch and extra oomph to the dish. The Acar/vegetable pickle was also a winner.


Pesto and Mushroom Farfalle (IDR 190.000): Shimeji mushroom, parsley pesto, beef bacon and Gouda cheese. The pasta was al dente and good, I was fond of the seasonings on the pesto but wasn’t trill on the hard to chew-beef bacon.


Crispy Fried Organic Chicken Leg (IDR 145.000): Roasted organic Hokkaido corn, spinach and poached organic egg. This is an open sandwich ,beautiful looking dish. The corn flakes coated fried chicken was delicious, I also like the egg and arugula toppings. The least delightful part was the dry and hard bread.


Organic Chicken Breast Porcini (IDR 175.000): Wasabi mashed potato, tomato compote, asparagus, and porcini cream. The chicken was a little dry but still edible. Love the presentation and the Porcini sauce. The soft mashed potato was also flavorful.


Valrhona Lava (IDR 75.000): Dark chocolate lava cake, caramelized nuts, Vanilla ice cream. Nicely melted chocolate cake, the chocolate was rich and succulent.


Basil Semifreddo (IDR 60.000): Basil ice cream cake, aged balsamic glaze, caramelized nuts. Could be a little unsafe in terms of Dessert and Spice combination, but it’s innovative both in flavor and presentation.


Mocca Parfait (IDR 75.000): Ice cream dessert covered in chocolate and dipped in a pool of Brandy, flambéed just as it was served. This one definitely stole the show.

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Everything I ate at Ivy was a delight. Would ultimately come back for the other dishes and looking forward to find out if they can keep up with the pace.


Jl. Brawijaya II No.48
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 7265766

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