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House of Grill ETC or HOG ETC is another new restaurant in Plaza Indonesia that sets in the corner where Aksara book store used to be. Maybe you can guess it by the name that they specialized in Grill especially Meat. But the variety of the menu was a many Indonesian and Asian food are also available. The newly opened eatery look lavish from the first sight, the outside layout of metal cage-like is gorgeous, the inside is set more like the Gatsby-era theme, leather booth seats, and the room expands as you go further inside.

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There are more seats with ethereal tree branch chandelier adorned with crystals, a long bar and more seats in two separate private rooms. The private rooms are the place with grilling tables, more like Korean BBQ restaurants. The minimum spending here is IDR 3.000.000 per table.

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I was quite flabbergasted by the many kinds of menu, but settled on these ones :


Quinoa Salad (IDR 95.000): Quinoa grains with lime juice and Cilantro puree. Lots of those healthy little gems of Quinoa seeds, the mixed of sweet ,sour and crunchy Pineapple and cucumber bits also works. Nice!


Scallop Risotto (IDR 245.000): Pan seared Japanese Scallops with risotto and Black summer Truffle. Love the truffle and the fresh Scallops, too bad the risotto was dry and has no flavor.



Porter House 850 gr. (IDR 750.000): Big T-bone Angus steak with very simple seasonings. The meat was okay, quite juicy but wasn’t seasoned well enough. The side dishes were good though.

I had a mixed feeling about this restaurant for a few reasons: One-It’s brand new (less than a week old), the other-because the So many choices they have here. My point is..I don’t think I can judge by only one visit. But hey..First impression is the most crucial, and today HOG ETC didn’t give much.



House Of Grill ETC

Plaza Indonesia 5th Floor (Thamrin lobby/Opposite Marco Kitchen)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.28-30
Central Jakarta

Phone: (021) 29924999

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