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I heard that Habitat Coffee has been around for a few years, and despite the tough competition with many new cafes opening every month here, it remains a favourite for many. So I thought, why not give it a try ?

It took us quite an effort finding this small cafe. First, the gps gave the wrong direction that led us going to a great round around. Second, finding a parking space was a challenge, so round and round we went, until a space opened up, which was quite a distance from the venue.

The cafe was small, packed, and crowded with locals, I noticed most of them were youngsters. Some tables had uneven legs, including ours, so it kept wobbling and it went beyond being annoying. And the chairs were hard, not comfortable to sit on for hours. Well…maybe I’m used to be pampered. tongue

habitat coffee 1

habitat coffee 2

habitat coffee 3

habitat coffee 5

We have been craving for french fries so first thing first, we tried the Poutine which was fries topped with home made brown gravy and cheese (S$8). It’s to their advantage that not many cafes serve this menu.

Then we tried the Eggs Tomato Relish (S$15), which was a whole heap of excessively tangy tomato relish. Apparently it was quite popular here. But we failed to find anything special about this food. The tomato relish was far too tangy to my liking. And I usually love sourdough, but on this particular dish I couldn’t find that ‘zing’ that makes me crave for more.

habitat coffee 9

The next dish, the Pulled Beef Sandwich which was one of their newest menu, was strips of meat resting on an uneventful bread. The verdict was unfortunately quite far from the mouth watering description in the menu. Sorry 🙁

For the dessert, we had the House-made Churros (S$9). They’re coated with cinnamon sugar and served with Chef’s warm Chocolate Ganache. They’re quite good for me, crispy on the outside and moist in the inside.

The coffee beans used here are their very own carpenter’s blend. I could feel the blend’s chocolaty, medium bodied texture with a nutty finish on their Hot Mocha. And of course, the addition of latte art is a nice finish for the drink.

habitat coffee 10

Will I come back ? I might come back for their coffee, poutine or anything that includes french fries bigsmile



Location :
223 Upper Thomson road
Thomson Ridge Estate
Singapore, 574355
Nearest station : Marymount
+65 64562567

Opening Hours :
Tue – Fri : 11 am – 10.30 pm
Sat – Sun : 10.30 am – 10.30 pm
Monday : Closed



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