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My obsessive pursuit for a nice restaurant two weeks ago brought me to this new hype place at Gunawarman street, which is yet again located in vicinity to Senopati street. Upon glancing at the building, I can sense right away the hipster aura and I felt quite certainly this early dinner will be enjoyable to say the least.

H Gourmet and Vibes is located on the third floor of the building. The first and second floor seemed to be under renovation works. You have to use the elevator, with the blue doors on the cement wall between two red brick columns, to reach the restaurant. Once I got there, I was rather astounded with how crowded it was since I came at around 6 pm on Wednesday and it was getting more packed as time crept into the night.

The interior, dominated with steel and wood on the ceiling and wall treatments as well as on the furniture, was decorated with bounteous ornaments such as street light poles, classic steel fences, a steel bottle holder partition on top of a credenza, neon lights on wood wall furniture, and a big steel clock behind the bar with glass view to the outside. I could not find any area that was not filled with at least some tinsels and trinkets. I got a feeling that the ambience would be more awesome if I came in the afternoon before the sun hides behind the moon, before the whole atmosphere was influenced by the lamps and lightings.

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After taking some time to savor the ambience experience of the venue, we started ordering our dinner from the menu. The menu was filled with Western menu such as Burger, Sandwich, Steak and so on. But I found it to be adjusted to a more fusion kind of western dish in a hipster way.

Soup – Chilliconcarne (IDR 45,000) – This soup originated from Texas Mexican was tasty with its thick rich meaty broth. I like the balance of spiciness in the soup.
h gourmet & vibes 14

Phillycheese (IDR 65,000) – The thinly sliced grilled rib eye sauteed with truffle oil and melted cheese gave a bang of flavour that I liked. The portion was quite generous with double stacked bread nicely stacked on the plate.
h gourmet & vibes 15

h gourmet & vibes 16

Rice and Shine (IDR 85,000) – This house mains is pan-seared rice served with a choice of meat preference, in this case was swine or pork. The meat was a tad tough and it was a bit too salty. Everything else is fine. It’s just that I expected more from a house main, sorry.
h gourmet & vibes 17

For the drinks I chose the freshly squeezed options from their menu.
Pineapple x Coconut (IDR 40,000) and Fresh Apple Cinnamon (IDR 40,000) – Both drinks were made properly. The taste was balanced, not too sweet and not too bland. Good job from the pantry team.
h gourmet & vibes 13

H Gourmet and Vibes really put its gourmet and especially the vibe on another level. If you are looking for a place to hangout and have a small party with friends, it would be the perfect place for that. Unfortunately for you non-smokers, there’s no spot here for you that would allow you to be free of the smoke since they did not provide any non smoking area, probably due to its restaurant bar concept.

But despite all the shortfalls, I would still come back to bask myself in this rich rustic industrial setting and to hopefully enjoy a more consistent flavored meals. I would probably choose to come in the afternoon for a more relaxing vibe though.


H Gourmet and Vibes
Jalan Gunawarman No. 41 (3rd floor)
South Jakarta

Phone: 021.2765.0842

Opening Hours:
11 am – 2 am on weekdays
11 am – 3 am on weekends


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