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There’s this new Greek eatery in Panglima Polim Street,by the name of Gyros Alley. The small eatery has a look and feel of Greece from the start. Ocean Blue door as a welcoming view, and when you step inside you’ll see the Gyro station ready to get in action. The seat capacity seems so little but there are actually two levels inside. The second level is simple but doesn’t lack the decors telling stories about the Hellas. There are framed pictures and ancient Greek mythology stories painted on the wall, visible enough for you to get more curious about their culture and anecdote through their food.

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Surprisingly, there are also Italian and Western food in the menu, I guess it’s smart enough to put familiar food along with the authentic ones to attract broader customers.

But I was there for their Greek food, so here are some of them:

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Falafel (IDR 45.000): Fritter balls of Chickpeas, mixed green herbs with Tzatziki sauce (Greek dip sauce made with yogurt, cucumber, salt, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice,mint, parsley). The Falafels were a little burnt on the outside, the taste itself was okay, good flaky seeds inside,overall just okay dish.

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Gyros Platter Chicken (IDR 58.000): Platter of Charcoal roasted meat with Tzatziki sauce, Greek salad and Pita bread.  I really like the flavor of the chicken. Fragrant herbs, strong seasonings and cooked well. The flatbread was light, fluffy. It’s thinner and softer if you compare it to Naan bread. The sauces were amazing, quite a delicious and healthy meal.


Gyros Souvlaki Chicken (IDR 55.000): The Wrap version with the same fillings as the platter. Yummy and fulfilling.


Gyros Mediterranean Fried Rice with Chicken (IDR 55.000): Rice pilaf toss with Mediterranean herbs and spices topped with roasted meat. The fried rice has the distinct fragrant of mint leaves, bold flavor just right for our Indonesian tastebuds.

I enjoyed the food at Gyros Alley because it’s audacious and fun, and at the same time keeping the authenticity of Greek food. Do you also have a curiosity to feed on?

Gyros Alley

Jl. Panglima Polim IX No.8
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 726 9877

Opening Hours:

Closed on Mondays
Tue – Sun : 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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