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This Australian-owned establishment, voted many times by media as Bali’s best cafes, is located right in the middle of Seminyak’s hippest area. I first visited this marvellous brunch destination in Seminyak Bali a few years ago. And I since dropped by the joint whenever I was in the island. Their superb menu and ambiance for breakfast and brunch was obviously known to many since the place is continuously packed with visitors every time I came by.

The interior of the cafe wasn’t like this before. It was less colourful and more on the simple classy side. Now they added murals on the wall, and some other interior elements that brought it more to the hipster side. I do like the current one better. Not that I hated the previous one. The current retro design brings more energy to the mood inside the cafe. The bright blue colour on the exterior walls and on the beams and columns inside was a fresh touch. Combined with the colourful illustrations on the walls, simple modern lightings, and some wood elements, it made the ambiance, that the cafe was proud of, enhance to another level.

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Frequented by many foreigners and westerners, Grocer and Grind does feel like a cafe I would find in an uppermarket side of Sydney or Melbourne. The vibe of the cafe is perfect for a relaxing day by yourself, working on your laptops, reading your favourite books, while enjoying a great brunch and coffee. You can also hang out with friends, chitchatting cozily and comfortably over some snacks or desserts.

It also provides extensive range of gourmet deli products, such as smoked meats, antipasti, and oven baked Italian breads. If you are looking for healthy option, you can make your own sandwich from the salad bar and have a sip of their organic coffee blend.

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Finally, we’re getting to the menu they serve here. From the many breakfasts and lunches I had here, I noticed how fresh each dish was prepared maybe because they always use the freshest ingredients for all their servings. I applaud their efforts in maintaining service and quality of their products, since on every of my visit, I always came out content and happy.

Norwegian Eggs Benedict on polenta crusted English Muffin with smoked Salmon (IDR 75K) – The poached eggs were a tad bit over cooked this time, but before this I always got the perfect one where the yolk would immediately stream down the base. Smoked salmon and other materials inside the stacks were fresh and seasoned enough just to balance with the whole dish.
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The Big G – eggs any style, bacon, roasted tomato, hash browns, herbed mushrooms, pork and fennel sausage, sourdough toast (IDR 80K) – Their version of big breakfast was truly satisfying. I love the juiciness of the roasted tomato and mushrooms. The pork bacon and sausage were good. This would be the perfect choice for a famished breakfast aficionado.
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G & G Breaky Burrito – tortilla, scrambled eggs, chorizo, roasted peppers, and cheddar, tomato coriander salsa and guacamole (IDR 72K) – Since I like latin cuisines, such as Mexican or Spanish, a breaky burrito was obviously a must try for me. The tortilla was soft and nice taste on each bite of this burrito.
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Ricotta Hotcakes (IDR 52K) – Closing it off with a nice dessert, I tried its hotcakes served with caramelized banana with orange toffee sauce. The sweetness balance was spot on.
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Young coconut with pineapple ginger syrup (IDR 38K) – I love fresh coconut, so whenever I found one, I would definitely order one. This time is not an exception. The taste of the coconut water blended with pineapple ginger syrup was unique and refreshing. I would however prefer less ginger taste on the drink. I would still go for the original young coconut drinks.
Grocer signature organic blend coffee, roasted daily, 100% arabica beans: Latte and Cappuccino (IDR 30K) – Got to try this organic coffee blend. This 100% arabica beans was giving the right punch for an arabica option, however I prefer less acidity on my coffee.
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If you haven’t yet visited this place for a breakfast or brunch, I implore you to stop by and try it for yourself the next time you visit Bali. They also have opened up branches in Jimbaran, Sanur, and Echo Beach Canggu, so you can try the one closest to your area. You can also check out Posh’s point of view of Grocer and Grind, by clicking here.

For Grocer and Grind Seminyak, you can make reservation as well since they are packed most of the time and you can do it conveniently from, an online restaurant reservation system.


Jalan Kayu Jati no 3X, Petitenget Beach, Seminyak, Indonesia
Ph. +62 (0)361 730 418

Open Hours : 7.00 am – 11.00 pm Daily


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