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Bali has always been my favourite vacation destination and it has several wonderful areas to stay and roam around. One of them is Nusa Dua. Situated strategically on the south east side of the island, just below tanjung benoa, Nusa Dua has much to offer in terms of recreational aspect as well as its sensational and mesmerizing resorts.

I chose to spend my latest Bali’s short weekend getaway at Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua yet again. I stated ‘yet again’ since this was probably the fourth times I stayed there. As I continued on with my review of the hotel, I hope I can describe the experience and how I felt during the stay there.

The moment of my arrival at the hotel was welcomed with a gong by the entrance and soon followed by mesmerizing view of nature and the sea. On the way to the room, I passed through several areas of the hotel that showed the vastness of the resort and gave me a quick view on the variety of entertainment and enjoyment that I would be experiencing in the next days.  The natural landscape in this resort was truly top notch with trees, plants, and flowers stunningly planted and ponds evenly placed to create a balance of nature. An astonishingly clean and private beach and a beautiful salsa bar are some of the things I would look forward to enjoy here.

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In fact, you can see how well nature was conserved here from the tree animals like squirrel living and strolling down the trees without any fear of human. Look at the girl feeding them by the trees while playing with her mom there.
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When I got to the Grand Club Lounge area, they provided us with welcome drinks and cold towel to refresh myself. The check in counter was somewhat smaller than the main check in and concierge counter. It was located within the lounge area as shown below. Quickly after checking in, I was shown to my room which was situated close to the lobby.

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The room I stayed during the visit was Club Garden View with pool that can be accessed directly through the back door. Awesome! They also provided me with ethnic beach clothing to wear and lavender cooling spray from Kriya Spa. The room was equipped with a king size bed, a sofa and table in front of the television, double sinks and bathtub in the bathroom. The design of the room was warm and natural, emitting homey ambience for the guest.

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The next morning, due partly to excitement, I woke up very early around 6 am to enjoy the sunrise on the beach. Nusa Dua beach is the perfect spot for sunrise viewing since it faces to the East. As expected, the experience on that private beach was breathtaking. We spent about an hour relishing a relaxing time strolling there. Afterwards, on the way back to the room, we checked out the human sized chess board. If you like chess, this would be a fun way to spend your time with family within the resort. I also picked up a few fallen frangipani. To me, this flower really symbolizes Bali since you can find this trees in so many areas of the island.

Having room close to the pool definitely had its perks, I can jump into the pool for a quick swim and jump back up to the shower in just 30 minutes. So convenient and refreshing.

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Since they have several spots for breakfast like Garden Cafe – International Delicacies, Watercourt Restaurant – Balinese themed breakfast, Grand Club Breakfast, and Salsa Verde – beach front Italian restaurant, I decided to try two of them, the Grand Club and Salsa Verde. Grand Club, which offered International Breakfast, located at the Grand Club Lounge which were a bit private here, thus less visitors. I was a sucker for this type of breakfast, so despite my small tummy, I decided to grab and gulp as many selections as I could. The two chillers offered quite a few salads and desserts choices. Among the many selections there, I managed to eat scrambled eggs and spinach, a plate of pancakes, a bowl of cereals and nuts, and some desserts. The breakfast here was great to say the least.

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Having your belly filled the way I had sure made me feel more positive and energetic in some way. I went around the pool areas and took a few shots. The pool was quite interesting with several narrow area under the bridges connecting with other pools. I also went again to the beach enjoying what they have to offer there.

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With previous night’s Japanese cuisine fiesta at Nampu Japanese Restaurant, the second day I had my dinner at Pasar Senggol right after a wonderfully relaxing time at Kriya Spa. All of which can be read on the more detailed review of each ones.

On the third day, I had my breakfast at Salsa Verde. Located in front of the pool and close to the beach, Salsa Verde offered a more outdoory breakfast experience. I decided to sit in the back close to the falling water on the pond, that gave a soothing lowering temperature effect. The food was wider in selections compared to Grand Club’s. They offered some American breakfast items as well like sausages, hashbrowns, bacon and noodles.

Since the weather was hot, I asked whether I can get a young coconut for drinks and to my surprise they had it. So now you know how I got that thirst-enticing young coconut pictures by the pool 🙂

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Another amenities in this resort is Pesona Lounge where you can enjoy high tea moment with friends or families. They offer desserts and beverages with nice view of the garden and the ocean in the background.

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One thing I learn through the many resort stay is that a great resort has to be able to make you forget everything else and take you to another place, where you can relax and enjoy your days there without being bored. This timeless resort, Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua, definitely receive my enthusiastic two thumbs up for its out of this world serenity other than the fact that it has never failed to accomplish the traits of a great resort and fulfill my desire for an unforgettable relaxing vacation.

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My stay here had ended way way too soon. I wish it won’t be too long before I can get back here and experience another memorable and mood changing episodes. Till next time Bali. Till next time Grand Hyatt.


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