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Cute,chic,and youthful is what comes to mind when I first saw Gastromaquia’s black and white building. What I like is the whole ‘homey’ vibe of the two stories building. Although it’s simple, the interior atmosphere is as soothing as it looks. The first floor is spacey with a bar on the side, the top floor has booth seats and outside balcony with the Ciniru street view. This brand new restaurant is a franchise from Madrid but the menu doesn’t revolve only around Spanish food. It has Italian and Western menu as well.

Garlic Butter Prawn (IDR 95.000): Fresh prawn, garlic, herbal oil, butter. I love how fresh the prawn is and they cooked it well with the most delicious addicting butter sauce. The portion is small and resembles tapas.

Crisp Asparagus Salad (IDR 45.000): Fresh young asparagus, balsamic vinegar reduction, parmesan cheese. I was expected bigger but it came in very tiny asparagus, the reason why they use young asparagus was to get it’s firmness.  As it ends up, size really doesn’t matter. The veggie was crisp, well seasoned and harmonized with the sour chopped onion.

House Salad (IDR 55.000): Mixed lettuce, cherry tomato, edamame, toasted cashew nut, house special dressing. Love the sweet and savory dressing that has a little bit of Indonesian rujak taste.

Quick Stirred Fresh Clams (IDR 69.000): Clams, roman tomato, herbal oil, garlic. Nicely seasoned although I found some clams weren’t in top condition.

Hot Potato with Egg (IDR 80.000): Potato cubes, garlic aioli, spicy sauce and sunny side egg. Delicious both visually and in taste.

Porcini Croquet (IDR 40.000): Porcini mushrooms, ragout, breadcrumb. Light breaded Croquet with creamy savory mushroom filling, a perfect snack for an empty belly.

Stuffed Chicken Thigh with Bacon and Dates (IDR 95.000): Deboned chicken thigh, bacon and herbal oil. Pretty looking dish, the chicken thigh was juicy, even more tasty with the rich bacon in the middle.

Gastromaquia Spare Ribs (IDR 129.000): Served with fragrant rice, the ribs was succulent, perfectly seasoned and delicious till the last bite.

Fettuccine with Porcini Sauce (IDR 95.000): Homemade fettuccine pasta, porcini, cream. Creamy pasta with mushrooms. A little bland for my taste but still good.

Garlic Noodle with Crab Meat (IDR 55.000): Egg noodle, butter, garlic, fresh crab meat. Similar to Chinese style noodle without being too greasy. The noodle was soft, absorbed the flavor really well, love the rich taste and fragrant. I’ll definitely come back for more.

Spaghetti in Spicy Creamy Sauce with Bacon (IDR 75.000): Cheesy, creamy and rich flavored pasta with loads of bacon to indulge on. Yummy to the max!

Homemade NY Cheesecake (IDR 55.000): Cream cheese with graham crackers. Rich and soft cheesecake with crunchy bottom crust.

Signature Chocolate Mousse with Olive Oil and Sea Salt (IDR 55.000): Lindt dark chocolate, olive oil, sea salt. Bitter sweet mousse dessert with a touch of saltiness. Dark chocolate lovers’ most order.

Keylime Pie with Marshmallow (IDR 45.000): Lime, egg yolk, cream and marshmallow. Sweet sour and everything nice.

Mojito Sorbet (IDR 50.000): Fresh lime, mint and rum. Refreshing tangy sorbet. A perfect ending for a good meal.


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Gastromaquia Resto & Lounge

Jl.Ciniru I No.1, Senopati
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 29305091

Opening Hours: 
Sun – Thu 11:30 AM – 11:00 PM

Fri – Sat 11:30 AM – Midnight

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