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Gaia Tea & Cakes had been eluding me on several of my Kemang trips, mainly due to its corner spot location at the address, I suppose. If you came from Prapanca, Gaia would be on the left side just a few buildings after FJ Bistro / FJL boutique. My latest culinary hunt in Kemang was fruitful eventually. As a culinary lover, I like both coffee and tea as companion for brunch or for afternoon meal session. I noticed that while coffee has been riding the current trend of third wave coffee emergence in Indonesia during the last two years, tea has not got the attention it deserves from lifestyle point of view. If I was to ask you to recommend a tea house in Jakarta, probably you won’t have much to tell me.

gaia tea & cakes 1

gaia tea & cakes 2

The tea house was average in size with a tea counter set up in the front area of the cafe. Their tea products were packaged and sold in lovely tin can packaging. The ambience thou did not achieve what it was set to do. I failed to feel the enjoyment of hanging out at the tea house.

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Since I was going to have dinner somewhere else that day, I decided to try one of their available cakes and the choice fell on the Carrot Cake (IDR 39,000), which was not disappointing at all. The cake was moist and delectable. I also ordered two of their tea drinks.

Mount Halimun Oolong Tea (IDR 34,000) – The oolong tea that I know and usually find in chinese restaurants was usually bitter. However this one was fruity with a sweet hint on the after taste.

West Java Silver Needles (IDR 45,000) – This white tea, originated from Ciwidey and Sukabumi of West Java, was giving a floral, soft and velvety tasting note. We were told to wait for a few minutes to let the temperature down before taking a sip of the tea. It was really smooth. I loved it.

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Gaia tea and cakes was delivering good products in a stiff-like ambience. Upon entering, I immediately sensed the anti-cohesiveness of its interior with the whole concept of tea house. The interior was not bad, but it just did not click for me. It might be just me being hard to please.


Gaia Tea and Cakes
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 27A
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan
Phone 021.718.1355


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