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Every great hotel has great restaurant to go with it. Sheraton is not an exception. Feast, situated just in front of the pool area, offers an elaborate breakfast buffet and ala carte lunch and dinner for the hotel guests as well as outside patrons. My staycation at Sheraton introduced me to Feast’s lovely interior décor and its mouth watering menu.

With its airy and natural ambience, one feel the sophistication of its traditional contemporary detail elements that emit what I would call “beach chic” style. To be honest, I felt a little bit out of place with my attire since it gave me a sense that I was in some kind of a Bali resort.

sheraton feast 2

sheraton feast 3

sheraton feast 4

Having ordered a few menu for the lunch, we were quickly served with some complimentary snacks to munch on while waiting for the dishes. For the food and drinks, we ordered 2 salads, a sandwich, an Indonesian hawker food “Baso Tahu”, several western menus and two drinks.

sheraton feast 8

Traditional Caesar Salad (IDR 77,000) – The vegetables were fresh and crunchy with nicely cooked grilled chicken breasts and grilled prawns. I personally like salad for its health factor, however this one was quite good.
sheraton feast 10

Duck Confit Salad (IDR 88,000) – The duck meat was cooked properly and I loved how they combined it with pear and raspberry vinaigrette. A good choice.
sheraton feast 11

Club Sandwich (IDR 94,000) – Like many other sandwiches, the key to a good sandwich lies in the ingredients used. This one had all the fresh ingredients inside wrapped in a nicely textured grilled bread.
sheraton feast 12

Steamed Sea Bass with Crispy Hijiki (IDR 215,000) – Love the Sea Bass. It was fresh and tender with the right seasoning.
sheraton feast 14

Lumpia Goreng (IDR 66,000) and Siomay Bandung (IDR 61,000) – Since I am from Bandung, these come as a regular dish for me. But they prepared it well.
sheraton feast 16

Salmon Steak (IDR 165,000) – One western menu selection from the menu. The salmon was grilled just right with potatoes and nice vegetable condiments.
sheraton feast 15

Margherita (IDR 55,000) – This pizza was quite alright with its crispy pizza dough and its tasty margherita sauce.
sheraton feast 13

Australian Slow Braised Lamb Shank (IDR 165,000) – This is the star of the lunch. I truly like the tenderness of the lamb meat drizzled with sweet and sour bbq sauce. smile
sheraton feast 17

These thirst-quenching look beverages are from the mocktail menu. I forgot the name though.
sheraton feast 9

The overall experience was great. Feast is truly a nice complement to this exceptional hotel. If you are looking for a short get away from the city life, a nice lunch at Feast with your loved ones and buddies could accomplish that. And ow ya, by the way, this nice restaurant can also be reserved online through, an online restaurant reservation system that expedites your important dinner date.


Feast – Sheraton Hotel Bandung
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 390
Bandung, Indonesia

Ph. +62.22.2500303


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