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Fat Chow Temple Hill in Jimbaran offers a whole different ambience compared to the one at Poppies Lane, Kuta outlet. It has a wonderful view of the coastline all the way up to Seminyak and beyond with a glimpse of Kuta, as the restaurant was sitting on a hill slope.

It’s located on the road leads to Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park (GWK), on the right side right after ascending from Jimbaran’s big junction.

The decor was funky industrial with unpolished ceiling, exposed brick walls, funky lights, and quirky vintage furniture.

Fat Chow Temple Hill Bali terrace

Fat Chow Temple Hill Bali terrace 2

Fat Chow Temple Hill Bali terrace 3

Fat Chow Temple Hill Bali vintage table

Fat Chow Temple Hill Bali bar

Fat Chow Temple Hill Bali exposed wall

We’re their first patron when we came for early lunch that Saturday, on our way from Akara villa in Seminyak where we stayed for the last three days heading for The Ritz Carlton, Nusa Dua, and stayed there for the next 4 days. (Check out my upcoming review of Akara villa and The Ritz Carlton)

We came as a family of nine and there was something for everyone on their quite extensive menu. They served various East and South East cuisine with modern twist.

Their Mandarin Orange Basil (IDR 40K) which was an orange shake, peach extract blended with aromatic basil leaves, and their Coco Jack (IDS 42K) which was a fizzy coconut water with cubes of coconut jelly, jackfruit and a twist of lemon, succeeded in slaking our thirst and refreshing our body in that hot sunny day.

Fat Chow Temple Hill drinks

We almost ‘tried them all’ literally when we had Try Em All (IDR 143K), a menu that includes a choice of 4 out of 6 Bites to Share option.
We settled on Mr. Kim Wings which was sticky chicken wings marinated with red pepper paste, honey and Korean spices, Chow Pao which was tender pork soaked in home-made hoisin bbq sauce with nuts, cucumber and pickled carrot in a soft bun, Pork on Fire which was thinly sliced tender pork sautéed with black pepper and spices, and Tokyo Prawn, deep fried prawn wrapped in egg noodle.

Fat Chow Temple Hill Try Em All Appetiser

Each of them were presented well, appetizing and flavoursome. But our best-loved Bites to Share was the Tokyo Prawn, so I requested for another serving (IDR 45K).

Fat Chow Temple Hill Tokyo Prawn Appeitizer

Fat Chow Temple Hill Tokyo Prawn 2

The Pataya Pork Ribs (IDR 135K) had all the right to claim itself as the best seller at Poppies outlet. The meat was so tender it fell off the bone so there was no need for cutting to get a yummy bite and the sauce was just delicious.

Fat Chow Temple Hill Pataya Pork Ribs

Unfortunately in their Hawker Pad Thai (IDR 68K) there’s no chewiness at all in the rice noodle texture, yet it’s overly soft and slippery. So you know what they said “When the noodles are badly cooked, they invariably drag everything else down with them.” So, yeah.. we couldn’t leave a waiter an empty plate to collect.

Fat Chow Temple Hill Hawker Pad Thai

The Fat Buntut (IDR 135K) was a hearty boneless oxtail soup, so yummy I couldn’t stop indulging in every slurp and every bite I took.

Fat Chow Temple Hill Fat Buntut

I always long for local fried rice everytime I go back to Indonesia, and the Fat Chow Fried Rice (IDR 62K) which was their signature fried rice served with prawn with lap chong (chinese sausage) did not fail to satisfy my craving.
You can also choose chicken instead of lap chong.

Fat Chow Temple Hill Fried Rice

The Thai Green Curry (IDR 72K) was palatable, though it’s not to my liking since I was not a huge fan of any type of curry. But I believe for some curry-lover, this may be a delightful experience.

Fat Chow Temple Hill Thai Green Curry

Overall I’m satisfied with the sublime and flavoursome food at Fat Chow Temple Hill. Price wise, it might not be really cheap, but reasonable and definitely affordable.

This place is a treasure in Jimbaran Bay, do yourself a favour and dine there whenever you are in that area and you will not be disappointed. The view was amazing in day time, and I bet it would be outstanding at evening time.


Fat Chow Temple Hill

Location :

Jalan Raya Uluwatu no 8D
Jimbaran, Bali
+62 813 3700 4601

Opening Hours :
12 pm – 11 pm



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