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From the many selections of world culinary, I have a soft tendency towards Japanese cuisine. I love all of their many varieties of food from a simple oden and yakitori to sushi sashimi, shabu2, tempura, and teppanyaki. So naturally, when another Japanese restaurant popped up in town, I would surely come by and give it a go.

I saw Edoya on the way back from work back in late December. It was located at the commercial building at the front side of Majesty Apartment. Judging from the interior of the restaurant, they leaned more towards traditional japanese dining style. They offer seats at bar and regular tables as well as several VIP rooms with tatami mat for dining Izakaya style on the second floor.





Their menu offers sushi, sashimi, and several other ala carte dishes. To get an idea of their food, I ordered several dishes from Tebasaki and Agedashi Tofu, to OmuRice and Salmon Chasuke.

While the ambiance was alright for you who like traditional Japanese dining atmosphere, I personally feel that each one of their dish does not quite satisfy my appetite for anything Japanese. It was missing something from balanced texture as well as appetizing taste. However, I came by during their trial opening month, so I don’t think it’s fair to judge their food based on just this visit.





Edoya Japanese Restaurant
Ruko Majesty Apartment
Jl. Surya Sumantri No. 91

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