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Singapore’s Kampong Glam, an area that are not widely known by many Indonesians, is in fact a culinary and retail gem in this lion city. One of the cafe that I quickly come to adore after my time there is Eat.Play.Love, a small thai cafe, located just a few buildings from the hotel I stayed during the trip, Hotel Clover 33 Jalan Sultan.  The interior of the cafe is casual chic with exposed ceiling, that gave us a laid back atmosphere and a relaxed friendly ambience.

The concept of the cafe is literally as the cafe name implies. They want us to be able to eat there, play with family as they prepare some playing tools to be used by kids, and cultivate the love for each other. It was not exactly hipster and sophisticated, but the idea works. I can feel the warm aura there and it feels like at home.

eat play love sg 1

eat play love sg 2

eat play love sg 3

eat play love sg 4

Some area of the cafe felt a bit cluttered because of the many handiworks and playworks that was put and hang there. The tools they provided allow the family to spend some play time with their kids making something like scrapbooking and artcraft thingy. They also sell some toys and stuff there. However as long as the homy feeling is there, I don’t mind.

eat play love sg 5

eat play love sg 6

For the drinks, we ordered Thai Ice Tea (S$4) and Lemon Grass (S$3.50)
eat play love sg 7

Green Curry Chicken (S$ 8.50) – Sometimes what you need is just a simple home dish like this one. The curry soup was tasty with the right thickness texture and the chicken was clean and tender. It actually reminded me of a green curry chicken dish I used to order from a thai cafe in Los Angeles during my study.
eat play love sg 8

Chicken and Mushroom Bake (S$10.50) – This chicken and mushroom bake dish was alright. It was not special in any way but I kinda enjoyed it.
eat play love sg 9

Things to expect during a visit there is the number of kids there since it is a somekind of kids playhouse mixed with cafe. They are however stayed in their own table doing stuff at the arts & craft corner where they can read books or play with free-flow arts material at $5 per hour during weekends (or $5 per two hours during weekdays).

Eat.Play.Love was a family type cafe. However, ones with single companion can still enjoy the visit there due to its whimsical and homy interior. The food was standard but hey, as I stated earlier, sometimes all you need is a simple dish.


Eat.Play.Love – Kampong Glam Singapore
Aliwal Arts Centre
28 Aliwal Street #01-07
Singapore 199918
Ph. +65 6444.6400

Hours of Operation:
12:00pm – 10:00pm Everyday
Closed on Tuesday


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